Hey! It’s so cool having you here! My name is Clarisse, I’m the founder and CEO of LQIOO and I’m here to show you what LQIOO is. But before we start, let me tell you why I created this website.
I actually grew up in a totally straight world. And by that, I mean TOTALLY STRAIGHT. No one was gay in my family, no one around, no one on tv and at the time, there was no Internet yet. As you can guess, it wasn’t cool and I had trouble understanding who I was. I knew at a very young age that I liked girls, but I was lost.
Years later, here I am on a website for LGBTQ+ girls. The entire team is made up of LGBTQ+ women. I hear about movies, tv shows, music, relationships, and identity,..... That’s awesome!
But one day, they suddenly announced the closure of the site. BOOM! I was so disappointed.
But that’s also when everything changed. As I couldn’t find another website, I had this crazy idea to recreate what I was going to lose. And 400 women followed me, at first, because a few months later, we’re getting serious with 8,000 visitors per week. We still hold the record for the best start. It was crazy!
Then, due to a lack of experience and knowledge, problems began to arise. It has not been easy, not at all. I had to learn, improve, face doubts, but I still believed in it, I didn’t give up and that’s actually the most important thing, right?
LQIOO is the result of 10 years of experience. Of course, I learned a lot of technical stuff, but above all, I learned a lot about myself, about our community, and about the people who make it up.
Today, with LQIOO, I help amazing LGBTQ+ women get visibility while offering you a cool place to hang out and have fun. That’s why I created this site and I love doing it!
I may have grown up in a straight world, but every day I help make this world gayer. Isn’t that cool? Haha... Yeah, it’s really cool!
Now let me quickly introduce you to LQIOO, the online magazine that helps LGBTQ+ women stay updated with entertaining blogs and breaking news on LGBT rights from around the world.
LQIOO Is Not Just An Online Magazine
LQIOO is first and foremost a company that works to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ women. This online magazine is the first vehicle to accomplish our mission. I am currently working on a series of cool platforms that will complement each other.
It is very important for me to mention that LQIOO is for ALL LGBTQ+ women+, including you who do not identify with the word “woman” as a genderfluid or a genderqueer individual. We all love you. You won’t see any hatred here, they’re not our values.
100% FREE Content
All our content is FREE. You can read, watch, listen to everything we publish.
Our audience comes from 114 different countries and so we follow the evolution of LGBT rights around the world in the same way that we follow what happens in the United States.
(Coming Soon) My Journey
You can actually follow me on my journey. I share all the good things, but also the bad ones.
(new!) Timeline
The Timeline is a new feature I recently added to see upcoming movies, TV shows, and other things to come. Easy to use, just click and drag.

Upcoming (slide)

Batwoman Season 2

January 17, 2021
January 2021

French IVF Bill

Becca Balint President of the Vermont Senate

January 2021
Early 2021


No Time To Die 007

April 2, 2020
Summer 2021

Olympic Games

Japan Equality Act


Gentleman Jack

“Motherland: Fort Salem”

- 2021

The Handmaid's Tale

Star Trek: Picard Season 2


France “Conversion Therapies”

Warrior Nun

Coming Soon

Until It’s Safe

One Four Three

Coming Soon
Coming Soon


High School

Coming Soon

Victoria Conversion Therapy Ban

Sinaloa Marriage Equality

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Thanks very much, it's so nice to be featured in your fantastic magazine - the support really does mean such a lot to me :)

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Independent musician, singer, songwriter


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We love y'all, thanks for being so supportive all the time.

Suzanne and Dian DeWitt Hall

Independent author and her wife

You are killing it for us! Thank you so much!

Michelle E. King

Owner, Noisy Ghost PR - Public Relations Manager, The Dinah
Georgia Paterson
Tucky Williams
Suzanne and Dian DeWitt Hall
Michelle E. King