Hey! It’s so cool having you here! My name is Clarisse, I’m the founder and CEO of LQIOO and I’m here to show you what LQIOO is. But before we start, let me tell you why I created this website.
Now let me quickly introduce you to LQIOO, the online magazine that helps LGBTQ+ women stay updated with entertaining blogs and breaking news on LGBT rights from around the world.

Upcoming (Drag & Drop)

Lesbian Movies Wild Nights With Emily

February, 2020
February, 2020

Sark Legalizes Marriage Equality

New Jersey Adoption Law

April, 2020
April 3, 2020

‘The New Mutants’ Features A Queer Romance

Equal Pay Trial

May, 2020
June, 2020

Michigan Initiative To Protect LGBTQ+ People

Olympic Games Over 100 LGBTQ athletes to compete

Summer 2020
Fall 2020

Gentleman Jack Season 2

U.S. Presidential Elections

November 3, 2020