Wednesday, 25 November 2020 03:03

82% Of Swiss Support Legalization Of Marriage Equality

New poll shows 82% of Swiss support marriage equality.

A new poll shows an overwhelming majority of voters supports the legalization of marriage equality in Switzerland.

Parliament is about to debate the opening of marriage to same-sex couples so, the LGBTQ group Pink Cross has commissioned a poll from the independent organization GFS-Zurich and the results are indisputable: 82% of the Swiss population supports marriage equality.

And 72% are also in favor of the right to adoption for LGBTQ couples.

“The population wants real equality for LGBT people with no ifs and buts,” said Salome Zimmermann, president of the ‘Marriage for All’ committee. “Unequal treatment between married heterosexual and same-sex couples would meet with no understanding. So access to adoption and sperm donation must also be guaranteed.”

After a decade of debate in parliament, where legislators have repeatedly postponed the vote, the marriage equality bill took a symbolic step forward when a large majority in the Lower House approved it in March.

Now the legislation could be sent to the Council of States, the Upper House of parliament, where the outcome is uncertain. But we already know that the opponents, the right-wing populist Swiss People’s Party (SVP), have only 6 of the 46 seats there, which would not be enough to prevent the passage of the law.

Moreover, polls show that a large majority of their supporters are in favor of equal marriage, i.e. 62%.

Even 80% of the allies of the Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland (CVP) support same-sex marriage.

After all these years, the bill to legalize marriage equality in Switzerland does not seem to be able to be stopped.

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