Hungarian referendum on LGBT issues.

The Hungarian Parliament has just allowed the government to hold a national referendum to get the people’s input on LGBTQ issues. But will it be good news for LGBTQ rights in Hungary?

Monday, 23 November 2020 16:28

What Your Religion Says About LGBTQ People

Some religions may preach tolerance while others can be downright hostile towards us. So what does your religion say about LGBTQ people and their rights?

Monday, 23 November 2020 16:07

What's On In Wales For LGBTQ Rights

There are a lot of things happening in Wales that focus on LGBTQ rights. This list has been compiled to show how LGBTQ rights advance in Wales.

Ivf in Spain is open to lesbian couples and single women again!

The Spanish government has reinstated free assisted reproduction for single and queer women and extended it to transgender people.

National Assembly unanimously backed proposed legislation to prohibit “conversion therapy” in France.

France could soon become the next country to outlaw “conversion therapies” , which aim to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Voters legalise same-sex marriage in Switzerland!

A long and difficult battle ended with a referendum on same-sex marriage and equal adoption in Switzerland. The “yes” camp won by a majority vote that now extends full legal rights for same-sex couples across the country.

Same-sex marriages are now blessed even if the Church still doesn’t perform same-sex marriages.

The Anglican Church in Wales has approved the blessing of same-sex couples in a civil marriage. This decision is a significant moment that will have a lasting impact on church members.

Poll on marriage equality in Switzerland ahead of the vote.

The idea of marriage equality has been the subject of much debate in recent years in Switzerland. Recently, there was an interesting poll that shows broad support for same-sex marriage ahead of the referendum on the issue.

EU sanctions against Poland because of discriminatory laws.

Poland is in a tough spot. The European Union has threatened to cut its budget over discriminatory laws.

Hungary is a place that may not be on your radar as the best destination for LGBTQ rights. The LGBTQ community in Hungary is facing a lot of issues right now. Laws are changing, and there's no clear path for what the future holds.

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