Saturday, 01 October 2022 16:46

Janelle Monáe Comes Out As Nonbinary

Janelle Monáe.

Pansexual singer and actor Janelle Monáe recently made a historic announcement about her gender identity, revealing that she identifies as non-binary.

Lufthansa is now using gender-neutral greetings.

German airline group Lufthansa has announced that it will greet passengers with gender-neutral language from now on.

Biden administration is open to gender-neutral passports.

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden had expressed a desire to implement a third “X” gender-neutral marker option on IDs to provide recognition for non-binary people.

Monday, 07 December 2020 20:24

From Ellen To Elliot Page

From Ellen to Elliot Page.

Normally, we only talk about LGBTQ+ women on LQIOO, but today I’m going to make an exception since “Ellen” Page came out as a trans person and asked to be called Elliot using the pronouns he/they.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020 15:48

Inclusive Language Is The Future

Inclusive language is a term used to describe the use of words that are not limited by gender identity. Using these types of words can help make people feel more included and respected in conversations, such as LGBTQ+ people or those who identify as non-binary. This post will discuss why using inclusive language is important and how it's done.

charlize theron gender neutral awards

Charlize Theron hopes that there will be “soon” more gender-neutral categories at the award ceremonies.