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montgomery county lgbt studies course

A few years ago, teachers in Maryland were afraid to include LGBTQ references in sex education courses because they could face lawsuits.

But they and high school administrators in Montgomery County have found that a significant number of LGBTQ students feel non-existent and unrepresented in their schools, and this can lead to negative effects, not to mention incidents of hate and bias.

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LGBTQ students battle religious exemption.

Thirty-three American LGBTQ students, or former students, are suing the Department of Education.

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The 2021 Kean University's lavender graduation.

It was the first time this year that Kean University in New Jersey held a Lavender Graduation on campus to honor LGBTQ students who have graduated.

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Napa Valley College LGBTQ Studies Degrees.

Napa Valley College’s first two LGBTQ Studies graduate students have been announced.

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Pendleton Heights Gay-Straight Alliance club.

A group of students members from the Gay-Straight Alliance at Pendleton Heights High School in Indiana have sued their school officials and South Madison Community School Corporation for violating their right to free speech.

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LGBTQ students at Shanghai University are tracked.

This is scandalous! Shanghai University (SHU) has been collecting information about LGBTQ+ students.

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