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Thursday, 16 September 2021 16:34

Little Girl: A Moving Portrait Of A Transgender Girl

Review of Little Girl directed by Sébastien Lifshitz.

Finally, after months of anticipation, the trailer for Sébastien Lifshitz’s documentary film “Little Girl” (Petite Fille) has been released with English subtitles! The film follows the story of Sasha, a trans girl who is navigating her way through childhood with the support of her family. While the film was originally released in American and Canadian theaters on September 17th, 2021, you can now watch it online.

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New trailer shows Kristen Stewart in Princess Diana movie Spencer.

A trailer for “Spencer” has just been released that shows the movie promises to be emotionally captivating, beautifully captured by French director of photography Claire Mathon, who had worked on the lesbian movie “Portrait of a Lady on Fire”.

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Review of the Wildland movie by director Jeanette Nordahl.

“Wildland” is a tense and emotional thriller about a family who lives a violent and criminal life. The film is both visually stunning and emotionally powerful, thanks to the talents of director Jeanette Nordahl and writer Ingeborg Topsøe. But it is the performances of the cast that really bring the film to life.

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"Tell Me I Love You" movie by queer director Fiona Mackenzie.

Melanie “Mel”, Ally and Ben are three friends who met in university and share a house in Malibu. The trio is forming a band and dream of recording an album that would be really cool and could continue the band’s career, but they don’t have enough money to pay for the recording studio.

This is the starting point for the film “Tell Me I Love You” by queer director and writer Fiona Mackenzie (Cosa Bella).

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the new mutants

Last week, I was telling you about a rumor that announces the upcoming creation of a lesbian Star Wars series centered on the character of Dr. Alpha from the association between Marvel/Disney and Star Wars.

Since the takeover of Marvel by Disney and the merger with Fox, LGBTQ inclusion seems to be on their agenda! It’s super exciting!

Today here’s news from Marvel/Disney: John Boone’s movie ‘The New Mutants’ will feature a relationship between two women.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019 10:02

“About a Donkey”: Meet the Owens!

About A Donkey

The film “About a Donkey” is a beautiful family tale created by two women: director Christina Raia and author Kelsey Rauber.

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