Why LGBTQ+ TV Show “Prisma” Season 1 Should Be Your Next Big Thing

Poster of the Prisma series.

“Prisma” is an exciting brand-new TV series that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community by exploring relationships and identity. Don’t miss your chance to watch “Prisma”!

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Nondiscrimination Bill Passes Important First Step In Italy

Italy House approved the nondiscrimination bill to protect LGBTQ people.

The LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill has successfully passed its first stage in Italy.

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Will Italy Ban Discrimination And Hate Crimes Against LGBTQ People?

Italy debats a nondiscrimination law.

In Italy, despite the opening of civil unions to same-sex couples in 2016, the LGBTQ community is far from being accepted, so a bill against discrimination and hate crimes was introduced in Parliament this summer.

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