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Lesbian Movie “Matcha & Vanilla” Tells A Beautiful And Touching Story

Introducing Matcha and Vanilla film.

“Matcha & Vanilla” is a story of two women who find themselves struggling to stay together against all odds. Get lost in this heart-wrenching story that will not fail to move you.

A beautiful love story about a lesbian couple fighting cancer

The lesbian movie “Matcha & Vanilla” tells the beautiful story of Ai (Qyoko Kudo) and Yuki (Tomoko Hayakawa), a lesbian couple in conservative Japan who fight to stay together after one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Qyoko Kudo and Tomoko Hayakawa portray Ai and Yuki’s fight in Japan’s traditional society.

The film opens when Yuki and Ai meet for the first time before jumping in time ten years later, where we find them in more intimate moments very well portrayed by the two actresses. Their chemistry is captivating, and you can tell they really care about each other.

Note that both actresses, Qyoko Kudo and Tomoko Hayakawa, actually wrote themselves the dialogues for this beautiful story.

This love story will melt your heart

This movie is full of love, strength, and authenticity. There are not enough words to express how much emotion both actresses inject into their performances. They take you on an emotional journey that will leave you feeling touched by what the characters go through together.

Long-term lesbian couple fights terminal cancer in conservative Japan.

And, of course, the film deals with an important subject occasionally addressed in lesbian films: cancer.

Powerful scenes, BUT the editing and soundtrack ruin everything

The flaws of this movie are more than obvious. The editing and soundtrack aren’t that good.

  • The editing

The movie written and directed by Hamish Downie seems like it has been cut to make the story shorter, sometimes giving off a feeling that it is just a sequence of scenes with no link between them.

  • The soundtrack

And the soundtrack is poorly used. It gives a feeling of amateurism.

  • Powerful scenes save all

Thankfully, some powerful scenes save the movie. Especially in the end!

Watch the trailer now!

Watch the trailer for this new lesbian movie below!

Watch “Matcha & Vanilla” on VOD

The lesbian movie “Matcha & Vanilla” was released on December 24, 2021. To watch it on VOD, visit LGBTQ-themed streaming platform


“Matcha & Vanilla” has a noble intention in addressing LGBTQ rights and Human rights in Japan. The film has its strengths, but it is let down by creative choices that detract from the overall tone and impact of this drama despite how important a story like this is. Thanks to talented actresses, we’re able to overlook these technicalities. The story is so powerful, and the actresses are so good that they make up for anything lacking on screen!

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