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Lesbian Short Film “Until It’s Safe” By Queer Director Samantha Lee

Watch the trailer of lesbian short film "Until It's Safe" by Samantha Lee.

Queer director Samantha Lee is working with Jasmine Curtis-Smith (Baka Bukas) and Ella Lentini on a new lesbian short film, whose story and trailer can be discovered below.

 Queer Director Samantha Lee to release lesbian short film "Until It's Safe".

Samantha Lee is a queer Filipino filmmaker who advocates for better representation of women and the LGBTQ community in films.

We discovered her when she released her first feature film “Baka Bukas” (also known as Maybe Tomorrow), a lesbian romance that tells the story of a creative, who falls in love with her best friend.

The movie was a big success after its release in 2016 and won many awards, including the Emerging Talent Award at the 2017 Outfest.

Building on this success, Lee returned two years later with a second film, “Billie & Emma”, an LGBT coming-of-age story that follows a pregnant teenager girl who falls in love with the new girl in school.

This time, the director-screenwriter was inspired by the current situation to address long-distance romantic relationships in her brand new film.

The Story

The movie’s plot is as follows: Jasmine lives in the Philippines and is supposed to visit her girlfriend, Ella, who lives in California. As Jasmine prepares for her trip, she suddenly hears that all flights are canceled due to the pandemic that has hit the world.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ella Lentini who both star in lesbian short film "Until It's Safe".

Even though the two young women were already in a long-distance relationship before the epidemic began, the film looks at the forced separation and the impact it can have on the romantic relationship between Jasmine and Ella.

Watch The Trailer

It proves that it is possible to make a film during a global pandemic when everyone is on lockdown at home. That’s quite a feat, especially when you imagine the conditions under which the film was shot. The actresses were filmed separately, as you can imagine, and only four people are appearing on screen.

You can now watch the full movie onOutfestNow without further delayHere's the trailer:

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