Lesbian shows to watch on Freeform.

On Freeform, there is a wide variety of lesbian and sapphic series for you to watch. You can find anything from light-hearted sitcoms to dark and gritty dramas. Here are some of the lesbian and sapphic series that you can find on Freeform.

Review of Girl Picture by director Alli Haapasalo.

Alli Haapasalo’s third feature film, “Girl Picture” (Tytöt Tytöt Tytöt), is a refreshing take on the typical teenage Sapphic romantic drama. With its complex and relatable characters, “Girl Picture” offers a realistic and nuanced portrayal of teenage love and friendship. And thanks to its talented cast and beautiful cinematography, the film is visually stunning as well. “Girl Picture” is a must-see for any fan of sapphic cinema. In just a few minutes, you will be given a taste of the story, the characters, and the atmosphere of the film. And you will be able to watch the trailer.

Introducing Disney and Pixar film Lightyear.

Just in time for Pride Month, Pixar and Disney are releasing a new animated movie that includes a same-sex kiss between two female characters. The movie, titled “Lightyear”, is a Toy Story spin-off that tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger who inspired the toy we follow in the franchise. Here’s everything we know about “Lightyear”.

Motherland: Fort Salem season 3.

Finally, the long-awaited season 3 of “Motherland: Fort Salem” is about to begin! This final season is sure to be action-packed, full of surprises, and emotional. Whatever happens, the season will be an exciting conclusion to an incredible show. I, for one, can’t wait to see how it all plays out. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one. So buckle up and get ready for one wild ride!

Lesbian movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Whether you're a student, working professional, or stay-at-home parent, odds are you have some free time on your hands. And what better way to spend that time than by watching lesbian or sapphic movies? Luckily, Amazon Prime Video has a library of movies to suit everyone's interests.

From heart-wrenching dramas to light-hearted comedies, there's something for everyone on Amazon Prime Video. And the best part is that you can watch these movies without even leaving your house! So curl up with a blanket, make some popcorn, and get ready to binge-watch some of the best lesbian and sapphic movies available on Amazon Prime Video.

Introducing Love, Victor season 3.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the first season of “Love, Victor” aired on Hulu. The series quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its engaging characters, heartwarming storylines, and important messages about identity, family, friendship, and love. While I’m sad to see the series end, I’m also excited to see how Victor’s story will end, and how Lake and Lucy’s relationship will continue. So without further ado, here’s everything I know about “Love, Victor” season 3!

Introducing mini tv series "First Day" season 2.

The hit mini-series “First Day” is back for a brand new season! “First Day” season 2 promises to be just as heartwarming and inspiring as season 1 as Hannah is starting her sophomore year of high school and facing some new challenges.

List of lesbian characters on Hulu.

If you're in the mood for some sexy lesbian or sapphic storytelling, Hulu has got you covered! You can watch lesbian or sapphic storylines and characters today on Hulu. Whether you're looking for something new or want to revisit some old favorites, there's something for everyone. So pull up a chair and get comfortable – it's time to get streaming!

Review of The Divide (La Fracture) directed by Catherine Corsini.

Catherine Corsini is back with a new movie called “The Divide” (La Fracture). The film follows a lesbian couple, Raf and Julie, who are on the verge of breaking up. However, they find themselves in the middle of a major social crisis in France caused by the “Yellow Vests” movement. The couple must deal with the ramifications of the crisis and their own relationship. Here’s all you need to know about “The Divide.”

News about The Acolyte upcoming series.

If you’re a fan of “Star Wars,” you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting news about the upcoming “Star Wars: The Acolyte” series. And I’m happy to report that we finally have some information to share! According to a recent interview with the showrunner, who is lesbian, the story will take place during an unexplored period in the Star Wars timeline. In addition, Amandla Stenberg has been confirmed to play the lead role. This is exciting news, as Amandla is a talented actress. The first episode of the new series is not scheduled until next year, but we should learn more and more about the series as we get closer to the release date. In this blog, I’ll share with you everything I know about the series so far. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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