Navajo Nation is debating the legalization of marriage equality.

In America, there is a big difference in the rights of same-sex couples depending on which tribe they belong to. The Navajo Nation is the largest tribe that does not allow same-sex couples to have the same rights to marry as straight couples. As a result, a legislator has introduced a marriage equality bill to remedy this.

South Dakota's law now bans trans youth from playing sports.

It is appalling that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recently signed a bill into law that prevents transgender kids and students from playing on sports teams that match their gender identity.

LDS church leaders reaffirmed position on LGBTQ rights.

At a semi-annual general conference, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, reaffirmed its stance on same-sex marriage and “changes that confuse or alter gender.”

About trans sports ban was approved in Iowa.

In America, many recent laws have been passed to limit the rights of transgender people. One of the most recent examples is the law signed in Iowa that prohibits transgender girls and women from playing sports on a team that matches their gender identity. Today is a sad day for transgender rights in America. It is also a sad day for those who believe in the importance of inclusion and diversity.

Elle Wyant is running for Iowa House District 91.

When she learned that more and more anti-LGBTQ bills were making their way through the Iowa Legislature - 21 anti-LGBTQ bills were introduced in the Iowa Legislature in 2021 - Elle Wyant decided to take action. These bills are a direct attack on LGBTQ people like her, so she intends to stop them by any means necessary. So she has announced that she will be running for District 91 seat in this year’s election.

Kansas lawmakers failed to ban transgender athletes participating in school sports.

Kansas transgender youth will continue playing sports with a team that matches their gender identity after lawmakers failed to override the governor’s veto on the trans sports ban.

Bills to ban discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity and gender-affirming surgeries were introduced in Louisiana legislature.

Two anti-LGBTQ bills in Louisiana are currently making their way through the state’s legislature. If passed, they will restrict LGBTQ and transgender rights in Louisiana.

Kristin Crowley became first female fire chief of Los Angeles.

Kristin Crowley made history when she was appointed fire chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). She is the first-ever woman and LGBTQ person to hold this position!

Florida gay marriage ban is still on the state law.

Last year, Florida had an opportunity to erase an outdated and unenforceable law banning marriage equality from state statutes, but lawmakers failed to take action. This year, Senator Tina Polsky and lesbian Rep. Michele Rayner have introduced two bills that would finally remove this archaic ban. Unfortunately, these bills were rejected by the Florida legislature too.

Virginia same-sex marriage ban to remain in the constitution.

Many marriage equality supporters were angry after the Virginia House of Delegates rejected a proposed amendment to remove the same-sex marriage ban from the state’s constitution.

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