Michele Rayner wants to repeal Florida's marriage equality ban.

From St. Petersburg, Democrat representative Michele Rayner, who is the only lesbian serving in the Florida legislature, is launching into a battle for equal marriage.

West Hollywood to add black and brown stripes to LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

The city of West Hollywood, California is going to make some of these LGBTQ+ crosswalks even more inclusive.

Lesbian officer Amanda Topping was a hero¨during Christmas bombing.

You have probably heard about the bomb explosion in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Day.

Well, on that day, a lesbian officer was there and was heroic.

The nondiscrimination ban expired in North Carolina.

Can’t wait to see what happens in North Carolina after the state’s ban on cities penalizing local businesses that discriminate against LGBTQ people expires.

Black lesbian woman Karine Jean Pierre was appointed Chief of Staff to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Now that Joe Biden is confirmed as the new president of the United-States, Karine Jean-Pierre officially becomes Chief of Staff to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Becca Balint was appointed President pro tempore of Vermont senate.

Openly lesbian Senator Becca Balint has been given a very important role in the Vermont legislature.

Nevada voters said yes to marriage equality in the constitution.

The U.S. presidential election will have kept us on tenterhooks for a week, but beyond the final result, we were also waiting to see if Nevada voters would agree to recognize marriage equality in the state’s constitution.

Texas allows social workers to discriminate the LGBTQ people.

Bad news from Texas reached us a few days ago. They now allow new discrimination against LGBTQ people.

Austin Quinn-Davidson became the first lesbian mayor in Anchorage after the mayoral election.

The other day, Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz resigned and was replaced by an openly lesbian woman.

Fair and Equal Michigan has submitted the necessary signatures to send the nondiscrimination bill to the vote.

Here is some news about the Fair and Equal Michigan campaign that we have been following since the beginning of the year and that tries to amend the state's Civil Rights Law to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.