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Watch First Episodes Of New Lesbian Web Series “Welcome Home”

The new lesbian web series Welcome Home is here!

"Welcome Home" is a new web series that follows the journey of two lesbians who are planning to get married. The series follows the couple as they navigate the challenges of planning a wedding, dealing with family and friends, and preparing for their big day. 

“Welcome Home” web series

Written and directed by Christie Conochalla, “Welcome Home” is a new lesbian web series that focuses on a lesbian couple preparing for their big day.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and there’s no better way to start off your day than with a good laugh. This new lesbian rom-com explores various topics ranging from family disagreements to stressors. The series will make you laugh.

What we like about the series

The show is full of little touches of humor that make it enjoyable to watch.

Stacey and Leah in the Welcome Home series.

The cast is doing a great job. The chemistry between Stacey (Marie Gibeault) and her fiancée, Leah (Sarah Durham), couldn’t be any more natural. They know each other so well and always seem able to get a smile out of one another, which makes us smile too from watching them interact together.

Watch the first two episodes of “Welcome Home”

“Welcome Home” is a show that everyone can enjoy. It has humor and heart with its plotlines, which makes you look forward to more episodes in the future when there are only two out so far that you can watch below!

Stacey proposes Leah in episode 1 of Welcome Home.

The proposal scene in the first episode starts off with an emotional moment as Leah and Stacey return home from celebrating Christmas together.

Stacey and her fiancée Leah escape in episode 2 of Welcome Home.

In the second episode entitled “Camping” the two women take a break from wedding preparations. They spend time together in a tent without leaving their house so much as they go camping in their backyard.

New episodes are to be watched here:

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