Saturday, 06 March 2010 16:30

LGBTQ Rights In France

France LGBT rights.

France is slowly but surely moving towards improving the rights of LGBTQ people.

  • France Passed Law To Protect LGBTQ People From “Conversion Therapy”

France became the latest country in Europe to ban "conversion therapy" aim to "change" a person's sexual orientation or gender identity!

To learn more about France's new law to protect LGBTQ people from conversion therapies, please click here >>

  • French National Assembly Approved The “Conversion Therapy” Ban!

France is about to make a bold move for LGBTQ+ rights. The French National Assembly has approved the “conversion therapy” ban!

Click here to learn more about the "conversion therapies" ban in France >>

  • Senate Rejects Opening Of Insemination To LGBTQ Women

While the Senate approved the amendment giving access to insemination, also known as PMA in France, to female couples on first reading, a problem during the second session ended the hopes of many LGBTQ women.

Why did the Senate reject PMA on second reading? >>


Beyond France, it is the whole of Europe that is making progress in improving LGBTQ rights.

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