Senate Blocks Ban On “Conversion Therapy” in Canada

Canada senate blocked the conversion therapy ban.

In a significant move for LGBTQ+ rights, Canada's Prime Minister has vowed to make "conversion therapy" illegal under Canadian law. However, the Senate delayed the vote on the bill.

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Canada: Edmonton Banned “Conversion Therapy”

Edmonton conversion therapy ban.

So far, the city of Edmonton, Canada, had no “conversion therapy” ban. The goal was therefore to get a favorable vote to improve the protection of LGBTQ youth, especially since Vancouver passed a similar law in 2018. It was also an opportunity to advance rights for our community.

However, no complaints have ever been filed as a result of “conversion therapy” or attempts to “change” a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. So was Edmonton City Council still going to agree to look into the matter?

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LGBT Rights In Canada

Canada Senate delayed the conversion therapy ban.

The LGBTQ community has faced many struggles throughout history, but Canada is one of the more inclusive and accepting places to live. There are still some challenges that a lot of LGBTQ people face, but this listicle will explain what the current progress are in Canada.

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