Love Is Love: Get Married In Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 to feature same-gender marriage.

Rune Factory 5 now includes a marriage feature for same-sex couples. Get ready to enjoy your farming and role-playing adventures while embracing love and diversity!

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Facebook And Instagram To Ban The Promotion Of “Conversion Therapies”

Facebook and Instagram ban conversion therapy promotion on their platforms.

Facebook will take action to ban the promotion of “conversion therapies” on its social media platform and Instagram.

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The Last Of Us Is Back With A Part 2 Just As Queer As The First One!

the last of us part 2 queer romance

Released in 2013 by Naughty Dog and regularly described as a masterpiece, The Last Of Us is an action game that has revolutionized video games with its exceptional LGBTQ+ representation.

Good news! An equally queer second part has just been released!

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What Are Apple’s New Gender-Neutral Emojis For IOS 13.2?

apple gender neutral emojis

At first, emojis were not designed to represent people, let alone LGBTQ+ people, but quickly it was decided that among the emojis should be listed human beings.

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