Historic Move: Cook Islands Decriminalized Same-Sex Relationships

Cook Islands beach landscape.

A wind of change is blowing in the Cook Islands: discover how the country has taken a historic step forward for LGBTQ+ rights.

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New Zealand Could Join The Ranks In Banning “Conversion Therapy”

Conversion therapy ban nz.

New Zealand is set to join the ranks of many countries or states around the world in banning “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ people.

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Australia: Victoria Introduces Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies”

Victoria, Australia to ban conversion therapy.

It is in February 2019 that everything switches in the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia.

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Everything You Need To Know About LGBTQ Rights In Australia

LGBTQ rights in Australia.

Australia has not been a leader in LGBTQ rights, but the last few years have seen Australia's LGBTQ community make great strides in gaining acceptance. Here's everything you need to know about LGBTQ rights in Australia!

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LGBTQ Rights In New Zealand

New Zealand could ban conversion therapy.

The following is a brief overview of LGBTQ rights in New Zealand.

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