Seoul High Court Grants Groundbreaking Win For Same-Sex Couples

South Korea flags.

The Supreme Court of Seoul has just made a landmark decision that restores equality for all couples. 

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UN Expert's Conclusions On LGBTQ+ Integration In Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, panorama.

Are you curious about the findings of the United Nations independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people during his recent visit to Cambodia? If so, keep reading as we delve into the details. Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the UN independent expert responsible for protection against violence and discrimination ba...

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Will There Be A Discrimination Law In Israel Targeting LGBTQ+ People?


As the Israeli government settles in, the LGBTQ+ community has every reason to be worried. Insulting remarks and rumors of anti-LGBTQ legislation to come are circulating, and the Israeli President himself has expressed deep concern.  President Of Israel's Concerns Israeli President Isaac Herzog recently expressed concern over the rise of intol...

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Taiwan Now Recognizes Same-Sex Transnational Marriages!

View on Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan has taken an extremely significant step towards equal rights and recognition for same-sex couples.

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How The Mayor Of Medan Created An Uncomfortable City For LGBTQ+ People

Medan, the capital of Indonesia's North Sumatra province.

Medan has become a source of serious concern for members of the LGBTQ+ community in Indonesia, as the mayor has declared his city to be anti-LGBTQ. No Room For LGBTQ Love In Medan New Year In Medan: Mayor Nasution Shocked By Same-Sex Couples In Medan, the largest city in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, Mayor Muhammad Bobby Nasution was shocked to see ...

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India’s Supreme Court To Rule On Same-Sex Marriage

The highest court of India.

Uncover how India's highest court is about to take a stance on same-sex marriages. 

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Health Ministry Took A Stand Against “Conversion Therapy” In Vietnam

Vietnam's Health Minister ends conversion therapy.

Earlier this month, Vietnamese Health Ministry issued a statement condemning and banning the practice of trying to "cure" a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. LGBTQ rights advocates around the world celebrated this news, as it represents a big step forward for LGBTQ rights in Vietnam.  Why The "Leave With Pride" Cam...

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Court Opposes Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage In Hong Kong

Same-sex marriage in Hong Kong won't be recognized.

Hong Kong Court of Appeal has ruled that same-sex marriage will not be recognized, dealing a blow to the city's LGBTQ community.The right to marry is one of the most fundamental rights guaranteed under Hong Kong law, yet same-sex couples in the city are currently denied this right.  Gay Man Launches Legal Challenge To Hong Kong's Dis...

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Decriminalizing Same-Sex Relationships In Singapore: A Leap For LGBTQ Rights

Singapore repealed gay sex ban, but opposed gay marriage.

Last Monday, Singapore's Prime Minister announced that his government would repeal the colonial-era ban on same-sex relationships, a move welcomed by LGBTQ activists and community members. But don't be too quick to rejoice because everything about the announcement was far from positive.  Repeal Of Section 377A Of The Penal Code, It's About Tim...

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Thailand Moves Forward With Plans To Legalize Same-Sex Unions

Thailand move closer to legalising same-sex unions.

Thailand's parliament took a significant stride towards achieving marriage equality in the country by passing bills legalizing same-sex unions during their first reading. Thailand Moves Closer To Legalizing Same-Sex Unions  Thailand took a big step towards marriage equality two weeks ago, with parliament voting to legalize same-sex u...

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Israel: Queer Female Couples Allowed To Open Joint File In Sperm Banks

Lesbian couples can now open a joint file at a sperm bank.

Today marks a momentous occasion, as Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has granted queer female couples the right to open a joint file when using a sperm bank.

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Tokyo To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Tokyo to recognize same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriages are illegal in Japan, but from April 2022, Tokyo will allow same-sex couples to be officially recognized. City by city, same-sex partnerships are being recognized!

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Thai Court Rejects Marriage Equality Claim

Constitutional Court rejected Thailand gay marriage.

The LGBTQ community in Thailand was shocked to learn that the country’s Constitutional Court has opposed same-sex marriage.

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Why Would The University of Shanghai Collect Information About LGBTQ+ Students?

LGBTQ students at Shanghai University are tracked.

This is scandalous! Shanghai University (SHU) has been collecting information about LGBTQ+ students.

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Japanese Lawmakers Failed To Protect LGBTQ Citizens

Japan fail protecting LGBTQ people.

In Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has refused to approve a proposed non-discrimination bill based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Japan is lagging behind other countries in terms of LGBTQ equality. This refusal by LDP could have major negative repercussions and lead to an increase in discrimination against LGBTQ citizens.

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Indian Court Ordered Sweeping Reforms To Respect LGBTQ Rights

Chennai Court called change to respect of LGBTQ rights.

Discover how a historic decision in India could put an end to discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in the country.

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Major Corporations Join Effort To Get Equality Act In Japan Before Olympics

Major global corporations back Equality Act for LGBTQ people in Japan.

Pressure is mounting in Japan for a non-discrimination act for LGBTQ people.

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Japan: Court Said Lack Of Equal Marriage Is Unconstitutional

Sapporo court favored marriage equality in historic ruling.

Last year, I told you about the situation in Japan, which is slowly evolving in favor of LGBTQ rights. Well, a historic victory has taken place there.

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South Korea To Recognize Non-Traditional Families, Except LGBTQ

South Korea won't recognize LGBTQ families.

The demographic situation is deteriorating in South Korea, where for the first time there are more deaths than births. By 2025, the country could have over 20% of its population aged 65 or older. Young South Koreans are, in fact, not too interested in parenthood.

To reverse the trend, the government is extending benefits to married couples and plans to expand the legal definition of family, but same-sex couples are not part of the plan.

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116 Groups Urge Japanese Prime Minister To Pass LGBTQ Equality Act

116 groups urge Japan Prime minister to pass LGBTQ Equality Act.

In 2011 and 2014, which will forever remain historic moments, Japan has signed UN Human Rights Council resolutions calling for an end to violence against LGBTQ people and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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