Thursday, 18 March 2010 13:14

Everything You Need To Know About LGBTQ Rights In Kosovo

LGBT rights in Kosovo.

LGBTQ+ people in Kosovo face significant and diverse obstacles that prevent them from living freely. These challenges include discrimination and problems related to recognition of their relationship. This article outlines the main challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces and lists major advances.

  • Kosovo’s New Civil Code Would Make Same-Sex Civil Unions Legal

For many same-sex couples, civil unions would provide a much-needed sense of legitimacy and acceptance. But religious groups are up in arms over the possibility of same-sex civil unions becoming legal, but what do they really stand to lose if this measure passes?

Head over to our article to find out more about LGBTQ couples' marriage rights in Kosovo >>


The article you just read is an excellent summary of the struggles LGBTQ+ people in Kosovo face. We can only encourage them to keep up their fight for more recognition and equality! You can also read more about the situation for LGBTQ+ community in Romania here.

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