LGBTQ Rights In Japan

LGBTQ rights in Japan.

After years of waiting to finally see the rights of LGBTQ people advance in Japan, it looks as though that time is now.

  • Tokyo To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriages are illegal in Japan, but from April 2022, Tokyo will allow same-sex couples to get a legal recognition of their union. City by city, same-sex relationships are being recognized!

Why is Tokyo taking a stand for marriage equality? Find out here! >>

  • Japan: Court Said Lack Of Same-Sex Marriage Is Unconstitutional

The Japanese government is still oppose LGBTQ rights in Japan but a historic victory has taken place in the Sapporo district court.

Click here to learn more about what happened in Sapporo! >>


Japan has been a country that's seen little progress in laws and attitudes towards LGBTQ rights. Recently, however, lawmakers have refused to protect LGBTQ people against discrimination. It’s important not to forget about those who are still fighting for equality elsewhere in Asia, like Hong Kong where a court didn't want to recognize marriage equality.

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