Monday, 08 March 2010 09:53

Guinevere Turner's New Films And Series

Lesbian actress Guinevere Turner.

Guinevere Turner is a versatile actress and director. She's been in the spotlight for years, appearing on many different tv series, like The L Word, on lesbian movies like Go Fish, and writing great films like American Psycho. Check out some of her more recent projects below- they're sure worth checking out.

  • Watch The First Two Seasons Of “Crazy Bitches” Web Series

Watch the first two seasons of "Crazy Bitches", a web series that is as funny and wacky in tone.

Watch the “Crazy Bitches” web series now >>


Have you heard of Candis Cayne? She's a famous American transgender actress. She played alongside Guinevere Turner in the popular web series "Crazy Bitches". Check out Candis Cayne's latest films and series here.

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