Guinevere Turner's New Films And Series

Lesbian actress Guinevere Turner.

Guinevere Turner is a versatile actress and director. She's been in the spotlight for years, appearing on many different tv series, like The L Word, on lesbian movies like Go Fish, and writing great films like American Psycho. Check out some of her more recent projects below- they're sure worth checking out.

  • Watch The First Two Seasons Of “Crazy Bitches” Web Series

Watch the first two seasons of "Crazy Bitches", a web series that is as funny and wacky in tone.

Watch the “Crazy Bitches” web series now >>


Have you heard of Candis Cayne? She's a famous American transgender actress. She played alongside Guinevere Turner in the popular web series "Crazy Bitches". Check out Candis Cayne's latest films and series here.

Get To Know Transgender Actress Candis Cayne
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