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Gentleman Jack series.

"Gentleman Jack" is a new TV series created by Sally Wainwright that tells the true and captivating story of a lesbian relationship in West Yorkshire in 1832.

After being devastated by a heartbreak, Anne Lister arrives at Shibden Hall – an old estate that she inherited from her uncle – and meets Ann Walker, with whom she sets out to build a romantic relationship.

The show is based on Anne Lister's real-life diaries, which detail her thoughts, feelings, and experiences during this time period.

The cast of is extremely talented. Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle both give amazing performances. And the rest of the cast really brings it all to life, with familiar faces like Gemma Whelan (Marian Lister), Gemma Jones (Aunt Anne Lister), Timothy West (Jeremy Lister), Rosie Cavaliero (Elizabeth Cordingley), Joe Armstrong (Samuel Washington), Tom Lewis (Thomas Sowden), Amelia Bullmore (Eliza Priestley), and Peter Davison (William Priestley); all bringing their impressive acting skills to the screen.

The characters are also incredibly well-developed, and the actresses bring them to life in a way that is both believable and captivating.

With its intriguing plot and compelling characters, "Gentleman Jack" is a must-watch for anyone who loves history, drama, or a good lesbian love story.

  • Gentleman Jack Season 2 Release Date Has Been Announced!

I'm excited to share the news that "Gentleman Jack" season 2 has officially been announced! BBC One will be airing the eight episodes of the new season every Sunday night at 9 pm, starting on April 10, 2022. HBO Max will start streaming the show from April 25, 2022. The trailer for season 2 looks absolutely incredible, highlighting Anne and Ann as they navigate their married life and growing business ventures.

Watch the trailer for Gentleman Jack season 2 and get excited! >>

  • Watch This Exciting Teaser For Gentleman Jack Season 2

"Gentleman Jack" season 2 is finally here! After being announced for a spring 2022 release, we have been eagerly waiting to find out what's in store for Anne and her wife. Now, HBO has confirmed that the show will return in April on HBO Max, and they just released the first teaser for season 2. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out right now and start getting hyped for the upcoming season.

If you're a fan of the tv series Gentleman Jack, be sure to check out the new teaser now. You won't be disappointed >>

  • When Will The Season 2 Of Gentleman Jack Be Released?

It feels like forever since we last saw "Gentleman Jack" on our screens. The much-anticipated second season was supposed to start filming in 2019, but the COVID pandemic caused production to be postponed. Sadly, this means that we won't get to see season 2 until at least 2022. But don't worry, it will be worth the wait!

Read our article to know what will happen in this new season >>


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