Two Lesbians Fall In Love At First Sight During The Flirty Dancing Show

flirty dancing faye sara

Flirty Dancing is a dance and dating TV show broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom with an original concept: to get two people dancing together who don’t know each other and maybe they will fall in love.

Sharing a dance with another woman is a moment of intimacy, so love can arise during a dance.

Two lesbians, Faye, 28, event planner from Malvern and Sara, 24, a student from Tamworth, embarked on this journey.

Both live in rural areas and therefore it is difficult for them to meet other LGBTQ+ women.

“I feel like I am the gay Bridget Jones living in the countryside,” Faye told the cameras. “The opportunities aren’t as easy in the countryside. I probably know most of the women that are also gay.”

Nevertheless, each one was ready to begin a new love story. They accepted the invitation to take part in the Flirty Dancing show without knowing what would happen.

They trained separately for a week to learn the dance with coaches. And then the long-awaited moment came. Each one is ready... How will this dance go?... We’re getting closer to the point where they have to meet. Who’s hiding on the other side of the stage?... Just one minute left... The heart is speeding up... That’s it! This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! The two women are moving towards each other. They are discovered for the first time. The music begins. They dance. The two women never leave each other’s sight, they start what will be one of the most exceptional performances since the show’s creation. Love at first sight.

“She’s beautiful. That was so emotional,” said Faye. “She’s just so beautiful, and I really felt like there was a connection. Just, wow. I hope she’s feeling the same.” (yep)

Sara told the cameras: “Oh my god, I’m shaking. I’ve honestly got no words. The first moment we looked at each other, we both kind of had that glint in our eyes. There was a smile there.

“There were moments where it was quite intimate, but I felt relaxed straight away.”

Do you want to see the dance? There it is!

The replay of the episode is available here:

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