Legalization of Marriage Equality Looks Difficult in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic could legalize marriage equality soon.

Since 2006, the Czech Republic has only offered civil unions for same-sex couples. However, a bill has recently been introduced in the House with the aim of legalizing marriage equality in the country.

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Missouri Won’t Remove Language Banning Marriage Equality

Marriage equality ban in Missouri.

Unfortunately, the language prohibiting marriage equality in Missouri will remain in place.

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Methodist Church Allows Same-Sex Marriage In ‘Momentous’ Vote

The church leaders of the Methodist Church vote on same-sex weddings.

In a significant move towards marriage equality, the Methodist Church has recently approved same-sex marriages. This decision brings a sense of progress and triumph for the LGBTQ+ community.

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How Did The Cherokee Nation Vote On Marriage Equality?

The Cherokee Nation marriage license won’t be open to same-sex couples.

In North Carolina's Qualla Boundary, the Eastern Band of Cherokee has announced that they will not acknowledge same-sex marriages. This choice has disheartened those who hoped that the tribe would follow the lead of other states and tribes that have already embraced marriage equality.

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An Initiative To Repeal Nevada’s Marriage Equality Constitutional Ban

Intiative to overturn the marriage equality ban in the Nevada constitution.

The prohibition of marriage equality still exists in the Nevada constitution, and there is now an initiative to seek a statewide vote for its repeal. Isn't it time to finally remove it for good?

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Nevada Now Recognizes Marriage Equality In Its Constitution

Nevada voters said yes to marriage equality in the constitution.

While the U.S. presidential election held us in suspense for a week, another significant question loomed: whether Nevada voters would embrace the recognition of marriage equality in their state's constitution.

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Debates On Marriage Equality Have Begun In Switzerland

debates on marriage equality in switzerland

In Switzerland, LGBTQ couples would like to enjoy the same benefits as straight couples, benefits to which they don’t lay claim to as equal marriage isn’t legal and same-sex partnerships, which were legalized in January 2007, don’t provide complete equality of rights.

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Breaking News: American Support For Marriage Equality Rises To 70%!

Americans support to marriage equality rises high.

The marriage equality movement in the United States has been gaining momentum for years and support for same-sex marriage has grown steadily.

A new poll shows that support is higher than it’s ever been before. It also reveals that even those who are against marriage equality have grown more accepting towards the idea over time, which is good news!

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