U.S. Supreme Court Leaves Texas on California’s Discrimination List

SCOTUS won't hear Texas' case asking to be removed from California's discrimination list.

Texas recently made headlines by passing a discriminatory measure against LGBTQ+ individuals, leading to its inclusion on California's list of states to be avoided. However, Texas' efforts to challenge this decision through legal means did not unfold as anticipated.

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Lesbian Teacher Gains Cause After Being Suspended For Showing A Photo Of Her Wife

mansfield lesbian teacher

Stacy Bailey, a lesbian art teacher at the Charlotte Anderson Elementary School in Mansfield, Texas showed the photo of her future wife, Julie Vasquez, at a “Get to Know Your Teacher” presentation.

The teacher wanted to share her life like any other teacher at the school. She wanted to be honest with her students, but it backfired on her when she was accused by a parent of promoting a homosexual agenda.

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41 Major Corporations Affirm Opposition to 4 Anti-LGBTQ Bills Introduced in Texas

Corporations oppose Texas anti-LGBTQ bills.

Texas lawmakers have recently enacted legislation that has significant implications for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Texas Transgender Sports Ban Went Into Effect

Texas trans rights under attack again as trans sports ban came into effect.

In Texas, a recent legislation has been enacted which prohibits transgender young individuals from joining school sports teams that correspond with their gender identity.

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Texas Allows Social Workers To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People

Texas allows social workers to discriminate the LGBTQ people.

Recent developments from Texas have delivered troubling news: new policies allowing discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals have emerged.

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