LGBTQ+ Actors Shines: Making Their Mark In "Barbie" Movie

Barbie movie poster.

Do you remember the joy of playing with a Barbie doll? Those moments of imaginative play, where dreams knew no bounds, are about to burst into life with newfound brilliance on the big screen! 

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"Heartstopper" Season 2: Embracing More LGBTQ+ Representation

Heartstopper season 2 poster.

"Heartstopper" season 2 is coming to Netflix, offering a long-awaited continuation of the adorable love story between Nick and Charlie, which has captured our hearts. 

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Trans Movie "Monica" Explores An Emotional Tale Of Family & Self-Discovery

Monica at a gas station.

Embark on a journey through the captivating universe of the film "Monica," where the talents of Trace Lysette and Patricia Clarkson breathe life into the screen.

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"Kokomo City": A Powerful Documentary On Black Transgender Sex Workers

Kokomo City documentary poster.

Welcome to "Kokomo City," a powerful documentary celebrating the authenticity and resilience of Black trans sex workers. 

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