Cameron Esposito Released Her Memoir Entitled “Save Yourself”

cameron esposito save yourself

After a hugely successful stand-up show in 2018, lesbian comedian Cameron Esposito released her first book, a memoir entitled “Save Yourself”.

This experience was an opportunity to revisit her childhood, her religious upbringing, her journey to discover her body, her sexual orientation, but also her marriage and the divorce that followed.

Cameron Esposito Revisits The Different Stages Of Her Life

Esposito describes herself first as a child with “a collection of loose ends—glasses, braces, eye patch, and my circular haircut that harkens to mind that container to hold soup.

As a teenager, raised Catholic, she felt pressure to conform to gender roles. This is when she found out about her sexual orientation. While dating one of her high school’s star athletes, she is grappling with feelings for her boyfriend and confusing feelings for her best friend.

Things change even more while she is in college. Esposito meets the woman who becomes her first girlfriend with whom she has a hidden relationship. Her parents are devout believers and do not tolerate same-sex relationships. Her faith was put to the test.

Cameron Esposito is consuming more and more queer content and is following the classic newbie steps.

It was also at this time that she discovered a real passion for stand-up comedy, but it wasn’t and still is difficult for women to succeed in the comedy industry.

Esposito created the Feminine Comedy course, which still helps women succeed in the comedy scene in Chicago.

Where Can I Find Cameron Esposito’s Memoir “Save Yourself”?

Esposito had to cancel her bookstore tour and organize the official release of her memoir using the Zoom app.

Save Yourself” is available on Amazon or and Barnes&Noble.

Save Yourself” is a beautiful book full of authenticity, courage, strength and a lot of humor. This book is a beautiful testimony, an experience that allowed Cameron Esposito to gain confidence and to take herself more seriously.

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