"Girls Like Girls": A Trailblazing Lesbian Love Story By Hayley Kiyoko

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"Girls Like Girls" by Hayley Kiyoko takes you on an emotional ride through self-discovery and love. 

A Look Into Hayley Kiyoko's Debut Novel

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Hayley Kiyoko, affectionately called "Lesbian Jesus," has transformed her breakthrough hit song and viral music video "Girls Like Girls" into a captivating debut novel of the same name. This compelling narrative delves deep into themes of self-discovery, love, and adolescence.

The book follows the story of 17-year-old Coley who, after her mother's death, spends her summer in rural Oregon. Here, she meets Sonya, a complex and intriguing character, and they experience an immediate mutual attraction that brings forth questions about love and vulnerability.

Kiyoko offers readers a refreshing take on the coming-of-age genre through this poignant story that celebrates love in all its forms. It encourages readers to embrace their truth and reminds them that love is a right for all. Supported by her LGBTQ+ friends, Kiyoko reignites the spark of "Girls Like Girls" with a vibrant ode to love and diversity that celebrates the many facets of the human experience.

The novel is both emotionally resonant and authentic, with insightful characters and powerful storytelling.

For those seeking an even more immersive experience, the audiobook version, narrated by Kiyoko herself, promises to captivate listeners. 

"Girls Like Girls": A Groundbreaking Audiobook With All-Queer Cast

A month ahead of the release, Kiyoko unveiled plans for an audiobook version of her forthcoming novel. "Girls Like Girls" is leading the charge for representation in literature with an all-queer cast. Alongside trailblazing pop star, actor, and director Hayley Kiyoko, Natalie Naudus, Brandon Flynn, Malia Pyles, and Katie Gavin are coming together to bring the characters of Sonya, Trenton, SJ, and Brooke to life in a way that is both authentic and impactful. Hayley Kiyoko expressed her pride and excitement for this talented cast, who have marked the queer community through their art and authenticity. 

"I am so honored and thrilled that Natalie Nadus, Brandon Flynn, Malia Pyles, and Katie Gavin are joining me to voice the characters of Girls Like Girls for the official audiobook recording of the novel," she said in a statement. "They have all had such a positive impact on the queer community through their art and living their authentic truth every day. I couldn't have dreamed of a better cast to help me tell this story."

With such a powerful team behind it, the audiobook promises to be a groundbreaking piece of work that will inspire and resonate with listeners everywhere.

The "Girls Like Girls" Music Video

Hayley Kiyoko's creative universe began with the music video for "Girls Like Girls." Let's journey back to where it all started and appreciate how Kiyoko's storytelling evolved from moving images to the written word and then to narrated voices. 

"Girls Like Girls" - Order Your Copy Today!

"Girls Like Girls" the novel and the audiobook made their highly anticipated debut on May 30, 2023. Don't miss out on this unique literary experience. Order your copy of the novel or the audiobook today and let the captivating tale of "Girls Like Girls" transport you to another world.

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Book Review: Adolescence And First Love In "Girls Like Girls

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"Girls Like Girls" by Hayley Kiyoko is a heartfelt exploration of adolescence and the complexities of love, portrayed through genuine LGBTQ+ characters. The novel captures the challenges we face when embracing our true selves and the victories that come along on that journey. Coley's quest for self-discovery is both inspiring and relatable as she navigates the ups and downs of first love and the societal pressures that come along with it. Sonya's character, on the other hand, leaves a lasting impact on the reader. She reminds us of the importance of acceptance and support within the LGBTQ+ community. This captivating tale is a must-read for anyone looking to celebrate love in all its forms and embrace their authenticity. So, join the conversation around "Girls Like Girls" and share your thoughts on this poignant story. And if you've been moved by Hayley Kiyoko's novel, be sure to spread the word and share it with others who could benefit from it.

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