“Sleep With Me” Web Series: An Unexpected Lesbian Love Story

Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe in the Sleep With Me series by out director Samantha Lee.

Discover love in a new light with "Sleep with Me," a touching story that breaks societal barriers and celebrates love in all its forms.

"Sleep with Me" presents a touching love narrative between two women, emphasizing the societal challenges faced by individuals who do not conform to able-bodied or hetero-normative standards.

This Filipino television series delves into the intimate lives of these women as they explore their relationship and confront various obstacles. Combining humor and warmth, "Sleep with Me" offers an essential portrayal of disabled and sapphic relationships in media. Additionally, the show emphasizes the importance of communication as a cornerstone for all relationships, further enriching its captivating love story.

Harry And Luna’s Love Story

Main characters radio station DJ Harry and Luna.

"Sleep With Me" is a captivating six-part lesbian romance series created by the openly LGBTQ+ writer/director Samantha Lee, who previously brought us the queer films "Baka Bukas," "Billie and Emma," and "Until It's Safe." This enchanting narrative delves into the romantic journey of Harry and Luna, exploring their blossoming love while they navigate their individual challenges and past relationships.

Harry (Janine Gutierrez) is a wheelchair-bound host and overnight DJ at a radio station who is offering relationship advice on a late-night show “because all broken hearts deserve to be heard.” Living in a wheelchair, she has learned to let microaggressions take over and uses her positivity to help others find love.

Her crush, Luna (Lovi Poe), is a young girl struggling with a sleep disorder. She and Harry cross paths in an unexpected way when Wendy, the convenience store attendant where Luna spends her nights, wins a prize on Harry's show. Unable to leave her work, Wendy pleads with Luna to claim the prize on her behalf. Upon meeting Harry, Luna becomes instantly enchanted. A bond swiftly forms between them, and even with their contrasting backgrounds, they soon realize they share more similarities than initially perceived. As they journey through the highs and lows of their relationship, they come to rely on each other for strength and support.

Meet The Cast

Main actresses Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe.

The series features the talented Filipino actresses, Janine Gutierrez, known for her roles in "Babae at Baril" and "Marry Me Marry You," and Lovi Poe, who gained fame from "Mayohan" and "Temptation Island." This marks their first collaboration on television, where they exhibit an irresistible chemistry.

The remaining cast members of the show are equally remarkable. This includes:

  • Nour Hooshmand as Wendy
  • Kerwin Kin as Harry's best friend, Kai
  • and Katte Sabate as Joy, a bartender and Luna's friend.

The Official Trailer

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Sleep With Me" by watching the trailer provided below!

Release Date & Where To Watch “Sleep With Me”

The original series had a triumphant debut at the 40th Outfest LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Los Angeles, where it received high praise at its world premiere. Winning the Audience Award for Best Episode, this queer series not only captivated audiences but also marked a significant milestone in the representation of LGBTQ+ relationships in The Philippines. The show's official release on iWantTFC on August 15, 2022, followed shortly after the premiere.

All six episodes of the show can be enjoyed on either the iWantTFC app or the website iwanttfc.com. Co-produced by Dreamscape Entertainment and Project 8 Projects, this series is a must-watch.

Watch The First Episode Now

Watch the first episode of "Sleep With Me" that has already received nearly 2 million views on YouTube in a few weeks below.

Looking for a heartwarming and comedic web series? Look no further than "Sleep with Me." This charming addition to the lineup of lesbian romantic dramas boasts a cast of strong and resolute characters, and an uplifting storyline that is sure to inspire. Get ready to laugh and cry as you embark on this must-see feel-good journey.

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