“Stupid Wife”: What Is This Web Series That Sets The Web On Fire?

Review of Stupid Wife web series.

Whether you’re a fan of Fifth Harmony or not, you’ll be happy to know that one of their lesbian fanfics called “Stupid Wife” has been turned into a seven-episode web series by Brazilian production company Ponto Ação Produções.

The fanfic, which has been read over 8.9 million times on Wattpad, follows the story of two married women who have to deal with the challenges of dissociative amnesia.

While the plot may sound serious, the show is actually very sensual, telling a beautiful love story of two women with a charming cast.

I mean, this is definitely a series that you’ll want to check out.

But, before anything else, I just wanted to tell you that the title of this web series is really lame and does not reflect in any way what you are about to watch.

Seriously, don’t let the title turn you off. It’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

What “Stupid Wife” Is All About?

Luiza and her wife Valentina in Stupid Wife webseries.

When the story of "Stupid Wife" begins, Luiza (Priscila Reis) and Valentina (Priscila Buiar) are two law students. Valentina keeps teasing Luiza to the point that Luiza hates her more than anything.

Later, Luiza was waiting at the bus stop, hoping the bus would come soon. It’s getting dark, and she doesn’t feel safe being out alone. Suddenly, Valentina pulls up on her motorcycle and offers to take her home. Luiza hesitates at first, but then she decides it is better than waiting for the bus. She gets on the back of Valentina’s motorcycle and holds on tight. When they arrive at Luiza’s house, Valentina tells her that one day they will get married.

When Luiza wakes up the next day in the same bed as Valentina, she suffers from dissociative amnesia and has forgotten everything about her life with the one who has meanwhile become her wife...

Directors Priscilla Pugliese and Natalie Smith.

Natalie Smith and Priscilla Pugliese

Directors Priscilla Pugliese and Natalie Smith did an amazing job of bringing Nathalia Sobré’s fan fiction to life.

“We chose the perfect cast. I am very happy to see that they delivered much more than we imagined. It is a beautiful story, and we believe that the audience will fall in love with this couple with each new episode,” says Priscilla Pugliese.

The two actresses have a great complicity on screen and work well together to bring the story to life. They share a close bond off-screen as well, which is evident in their interactions with each other. Their scenes are some of the most natural and believable in the series.

You’re sure to enjoy the sensuality between the two characters as they rediscover each other, especially starting in episode 3.

Priscila Reis as Luiza and Priscila Buiar as Valentina in Stupid Wife webseries.

Priscila Reis and Priscila Buiar

“Bringing Valentina to life was an incredible challenge,” Priscila Buiar said. “We have many things in common, such as love for the family, determination for what she loves and believes in. But Valentina also challenged me to discover my daring side, self-assured, not afraid to speak her mind, the seductive side. It was a challenging laboratory and one that taught me a lot.”

Actress and model Priscila Reis, who plays Luiza, also said:

“It’s a new world for me. I had never worked in web series before. I had no dimension of the size that YouTube is and the public that is on it. I have enormous expectations and I am very happy, with a sense of accomplishment. Me, Pri Buiar, Natalie, Priscilla Pugliese, and everyone on the team put all their heart and soul into the project. I am very excited, very happy, and I hope the audience will fall in love with Luiza and Valentina, just as we did.”

Watch The Trailer For “Stupid Wife”

Check out the trailer for "Stupid Wife" below!

And here's the trailer for part 2:

Watch “Stupid Wife” Web Series Now!

If you’re looking for a new web series to watch online, I highly recommend “Stupid Wife.” It’s one of the hottest and most popular series out there right now and for good reason.

The first four episodes of the series are available on the Ponto Ação Produções YouTube channel, all with English and Spanish subtitles.

As for the second part of this season, it is scheduled to begin airing on October 6.

This season consists of seven episodes in total, so you still have time to catch up. I highly recommend that you do, because trust me, you won’t be able to stop watching once you start. “Stupid Wife” is the perfect show for a weekend binge. So what are you waiting for? Go see “Stupid Wife” today. You won’t regret it! Here’s the link: youtube.com/c/PontoAçãoProduções.

“Stupid Wife” Season 2 Is Here!

Great news! Following the much-celebrated announcement of its renewal, the second installment of the riveting drama, "Stupid Wife," is now available for our viewing pleasure! You can now catch all the wit and charm of its predecessor as the new season is being released. If you're eager for more details on the season 2, check out our latest blog post "Lesbian Web Series "Stupid Wife" Is Back For Season 2" where you'll find everything you need to know about the ongoing journey of Luiza and Valentina.

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