Hilarious Lesbian Web Series #Luimelia Is Back For Season 3

Lesbian web series #Luimelia is back for season 3.

Let's dive into the captivating love story of Luisita and Amelia, a lesbian couple that has charmed an entire nation.

From Soap Opera To Popular Spin-Off

Luisita touching Amelia's face in season 4.

The decision to feature a lesbian couple in the Spanish daily TV series, "Amar Es Para Siempre" - also known as "Amar En Tiempos Revueltos" - was a bold move by its creators. Little did they know that this storyline would eventually become a major hit. For the past three years, viewers across the country have been enthralled by the passionate lesbian love story of Luisita and Amelia. Their captivating relationship led to the creation of a spin-off series, "#Luimelia," which delves further into the deepening love story of these two exceptional women as they navigate life's challenges.

While "Amar Es Para Siempre" is set in 1977, "#Luimelia" unfolds in 2020, a shift in timeline that might initially appear odd to those loyal to the original series. However, this temporal leap has actually contributed to the narrative's increased appeal, particularly across social media platforms. As Luisita and Amelia overcome family drama and workplace hurdles, their strength and resilience shine through, connecting with audiences on a deeper level. This compelling portrayal of love and adversity has not only boosted the series' popularity but also led to the recent honor of receiving a GLAAD award for the web series.

Embarking on a journey that spans six episodes per season, you are invited to trace the evolution of a profound connection between two young women. The nuanced exploration delves into their experiences, aspirations, and challenges, inviting you to immerse themselves in the unfolding tapestry of emotions and growth.

Meet The Cast

Lesbian web series #Luimelia.

Love, drama and an authentic representation of life - that's what the dazzling cast of "#Luimelia" offers you. At the forefront, we have Paula Usero (Velvet Colección) and Carol Rovira (Presumed Guilty), respectively portraying Luisita Gómez and Amelia Ledesma. Alongside them, the rest of the cast brings complexity and depth to the story. It includes:

  • Jonás Beramí (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as Nacho Solano
  • Lucía Martín Abello (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as María
  • Lena Fernández (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as Maruxa Linares
  • Carmen Losa (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as Gabriela
  • Alba Gutiérrez (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as Marina Crespo Solano
  • Resu Morales (Hospital Central) as Dolores
  • and Javier Botet (The Neighbor) as José Antonio

Watch The Trailer For Season 3

Discover the long-awaited trailer for "#Luimelia" season 3. Dive into an intriguing preview of the new season that promises humor and emotions.

Where To Watch

After eagerly following the series through two captivating seasons last year, you now have the pleasure of diving into an additional six episodes, all available with English subtitles, that you can catch on the ATRESplayer PREMIUM platform.

Here's the link to ATRESplayer: atresplayer.com/series/luimelia-english-subtitles/temporada-3.

As we immerse ourselves in "#Luimelia" season 3, the evolution of Luisita Gómez and Amelia Ledesma's relationship continues to captivate our hearts. Through six heartwarming episodes each season, we've seen their relationship blossom from that memorable first date. And the chemistry between the actresses is just magic. Share your favorite moments and reactions from #Luimelia season 3 in the comments below.

Will There Be A Season 4?

Great news! Season 4 is confirmed, and the series is set to return with more captivating stories. The show's renewal promises to bring further exploration of love and identity, while celebrating sapphic love. Get ready for an exciting season that is sure to warm hearts and leave a lasting impact. "#Luimelia" season 4 is coming soon!

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