TV Series “Nurses” And Its Lesbian Character To Be Back For A Season 2

TV drama Nurses is back for a season 2.

Get ready to dive back into the fast-paced and emotional world of Toronto's healthcare system with "Nurses" season 2.

"Nurses" is a TV series that has captured the hearts of viewers with its authentic depiction of Toronto's medical world. The first season was a success, taking us on an exciting journey with young healthcare professionals, such as Ashley, a lesbian nurse who won the admiration of fans everywhere. Now, we can hardly wait to see what the second season has in store for us.

What To Expect From “Nurses” Season 2?

Season 2 will pick up right where we left off, with Grace, Ashley, Keon, Naz, and Wolf continuing their journey as interns at St. Mary's hospital. However, this new season comes with higher stakes as they learn that even a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing when dealing with human lives.

As the narrative for the upcoming season unfolds, we are introduced to a host of new characters, each bringing their unique flair to the storyline.

Among these fresh faces is Kate Faulkner, a compassionate nurse who has recently transitioned into the world of business with her new MBA degree. Another intriguing addition is the irresistibly charming Matteo Rey, whose bachelor lifestyle adds an interesting dynamic to the plot.

But perhaps the most captivating of all is Candy Kemper, a character whose vivacious spirit and infectious cheerfulness are impossible to ignore.

From the outset, we have witnessed Ashley's flirtatious interactions with Caro during the first season. Alexandra Ordolis, the talented actress who plays Caro, will be reprising her role in the second season. However, the romantic relationship between Ashley and Caro won't endure. Instead, Ashley finds herself gradually drawn to Candy, despite finding her slightly peculiar initially. Candy, on the other hand, harbors deep feelings for Ashley from the very beginning, setting the stage for an intriguing love story that is set to unfold.

Meet The Cast Of Season 2

Season 2 is set to bring back the beloved ensemble from season 1. This continuity in cast is bound to maintain the charm and dynamics that viewers have grown to love. However, the show is also introducing a handful of new characters, adding a layer of intrigue and freshness to the plot. Here's the list of the cast you'll be able to enjoy this season:

  • Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale) as Grace Knight
  • Natasha Calis (The Firm) as lesbian character Ashley Collins
  • Jordan Johnson-Hinds (Blindspot) as Keon
  • Sandy Sidhu (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) as Nazneen Khan
  • Donald MacLean Jr. (The Craft: Legacy) as Wolf
  • Trish Fagan (Burden Of Truth) as Dr. Rori Niven
  • Tristan D. Lalla (21 Thunder) as Damien Sanders
  • Rachael Ancheril (Wynonna Earp) as Kate Faulkner
  • Ryan Blakely (Orphan Black) as Red
  • Jordan Connor (Riverdale) as Matteo Rey
  • Alexandra ordolis (Shadowhunters) as lesbian character Caro
  • Nicola Correia-Damude (The Republic Of Sarah) as Dr. Vanessa Banks
  • Katie Uhlmann (My Roommate's An Escort) as lesbian character Candy Kemper
  • Humberly Gonzalez (Utopia Falls) as Dr. Ivy Turcotte

Watch The Trailer

Immerse yourself in the captivating story of "Nurses" season 2, delving further into the lives of the healthcare professionals at St. Mary's hospital. While a trailer specifically for season 2 is not available anymore, you can still enjoy the excitement by watching trailers for both season 1 and season 2 below.

Release Date & Where To Watch “Nurses” Season 2

"Nurses" is steadily increasing in viewership. The first season's episodes are now being shown every Tuesday on NBC.

Meanwhile, the eagerly awaited season 2 is poised to debut on Global TV in Canada. Filming for this new season has concluded and the series is ready for broadcast. The release date has been confirmed as June 21, 2021.

You can also watch the show on:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Vudu
  •  AppleTV
  • Google Play

Will There Be A Season 3?

Due to a controversy in its second season, "Nurses" will not be renewed for a third season. The portrayal of Hasidic Jews in the "Achilles Heel" episode led to accusations of antisemitism and criticism from the Jewish community. The scene, which depicted a patient refusing a bone graft procedure, drew condemnation for perpetuating harmful stereotypes. In response, NBC and Global parent company Corus took action by removing the episode from their platforms. Regrettably, these events have led to the show's cancellation, with no plans for further seasons.

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