Tuesday, 18 May 2021 01:34

Legalization of Marriage Equality Looks Difficult in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic could legalize marriage equality soon.

Since 2006, only civil unions have been open to same-sex couples in the Czech Republic. Thus, a bill was recently introduced in the House to legalize marriage equality in the country.

The bill has cleared a first major hurdle as the lower house of parliament approved it.

While the measure does not provide for full equality with straight couples, especially in adoption or property rights, Czech LGBTQ activists consider it an important step.

However, the presidential elections will take place in early October, so it is uncertain that the bill will go through.

Indeed, after three years of stagnation in parliament, the bill, which would amend the civil code to define marriage as a union between “two persons” rather than a union between “a man and a woman,” was finally passed and approved by legislators.

Now it must be passed by the upper house, then the senate, before being signed into law by the current president. And all of this must be done before the next presidential elections on October 8 and 9, 2021, which is still possible.

It should be noted that we are not immune to the approval of a marriage equality ban.

Another bill that would enshrine that marriage is a union between a man and a woman in the Constitution has also passed the first stage of the voting process.

At present, this notion of a union between a man and a woman is only present in the Civil Code.

We will see soon if the Czech Republic legalizes marriage equality.

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