Is Germany Moving Towards Better Recognition Of Lesbian Moms?

Germany could allow a better recognition of the second lesbian mom.

Have you been following the latest updates in Germany? It appears that the government has recently introduced a bill to prohibit "conversion therapies," and there is now news regarding progress being made towards advancing the rights of LGBTQ moms in the country. Let's delve deeper into these noteworthy events.

Indeed, Germany wants to facilitate the recognition of lesbian mothers.

Just like in France, Germany is undertaking a review of filiation laws that could pave the way for greater equality for LGBTQ families.

Until now, the second mom had to go through an often complex adoption process to be officially recognized as a parent, but a bill has been introduced to the Cabinet that would allow her to be automatically recognized at the birth of her child.

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said the focus should be on the well-being of both the child and adults, including same-sex couples.

“The law must respond to these diverse forms of family life,” she said on her ministry’s website.

After that, what is quite bizarre and totally discriminatory is that only female couples are concerned. Male couples will still have to go through an adoption process.

“We want to adhere to the principle that the first parental place is reserved for the biological mother who gave birth to the child,” explains Lambrecht. “Her presence is a basic requirement. Therefore, for male couples the only option left is [still] adoption.”

It’s nice to see Germany moving forward on equal rights for LGBTQ people after years of doing nothing.

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Sunday, 16 June 2024