Ariella Rosen And Becca Walker Became The First Lesbian Rabbis To Tie The Knot!

Ariella Rosen and Becca Walker are openly gay women rabbis from the conservative movement who got married.

Today marks a historic and joyous occasion for the Jewish LGBTQ+ community - two Conservative lesbian rabbis have tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony!

The First Lesbian Rabbis To Tie The Knot

Rabbi Ariella Rosen, 35, and Rabbi Becca Walker, 33, were married last month in Massachusetts. The ceremony was performed by a rabbi who is also lesbian - Megan GoldMarche!

A marriage that matters

“It feels like we shouldn’t be groundbreaking,” Walker told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency before adding, “I’m happy to have more people see this, as it makes people feel there’s a place for them, too.”

Their union makes history in the Judaism’s Conservative movement as they become the first openly gay rabbis to get married since the passage of an ordinance 15 years ago that allowed rabbis to perform same-sex marriages and opened the doors of rabbinical schools to LGBTQ students like Rosen & Walker.


The Rabbis discussed in this article are perfect examples of how Judaism’s Conservative movement has been evolving to be more inclusive and accommodating of LGBTQ people.

Top Photo by Kelly Prizel Photography via JTA

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024