Poll: A Majority Of Anglicans Says ‘I Do’ To Same-Sex Marriage

Anglicans are in favor of same-sex marriages.

In a survey conducted last year by the Ozanne Foundation and YouGov, a significant shift in the Church of England's stance on same-sex marriage was revealed. The findings shed light on how the Church community perceives this topic and its views towards it.

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Methodist Church Allows Same-Sex Marriage In ‘Momentous’ Vote

The church leaders of the Methodist Church vote on same-sex weddings.

In a significant move towards marriage equality, the Methodist Church has recently approved same-sex marriages. This decision brings a sense of progress and triumph for the LGBTQ+ community.

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The Anglican Church in Wales Approves Blessings for Same-Sex Married Couples

Same-sex marriages are now blessed even if the Church still doesn’t perform same-sex marriages.

In a historic decision, the Anglican Church in Wales has approved the blessing of same-sex couples in civil marriages. This progressive move will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on church members and the wider community.

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The Church Of Scotland Votes To Allow Same-Sex Marriages

The Church of Scotland voted in favor of same-sex marriage.

In a historic move, the Church of Scotland has voted in favor of permitting same-sex marriages.

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Historic Day As Support For Equal Marriage Breaks New Record In The US

Support for marriage equality broke a new record.

A poll conducted between May 2-22, 2022, revealed a record-breaking 71% support for marriage equality in the United States!

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Church Of England Apologizes To LGBTQ+ People, But Holds Firm On Views

The Church of England logo.

While the Church of England finally recognizes the unjustified rejection and hostility experienced by LGBTQ+ people, it remains divided on marriage equality.

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LGBTQ Couples Can Now Get Married In The Diocese Of Albany

Albany Diocese opens the door to same-sex marriage.

Joining a list of churches across New York State, the Episcopal Diocese of Albany has now opened its doors to same-sex marriages as the latest development in this ongoing progression.

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Ariella Rosen And Becca Walker Became The First Lesbian Rabbis To Tie The Knot!

Ariella Rosen and Becca Walker are openly gay women rabbis from the conservative movement who got married.

Today marks a historic and joyous occasion for the Jewish LGBTQ+ community - two Conservative lesbian rabbis have tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony!

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