LGBTQ Couples Can Now Get Married In The Diocese Of Albany

Albany Diocese opens the door to same-sex marriage.

Joining a list of churches across New York State, the Episcopal Diocese of Albany has now opened its doors to same-sex marriages as the latest development in this ongoing progression.

The Episcopal Church allows same-sex marriages

The House of Bishops and the House of Deputies have voted to approve marriage celebrations for same-sex couples at the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2018.

This decision was accompanied by the creation of Resolution B012, which allows a bishop to call in any substitute he wishes if they do not want to perform a same-sex marriage within their diocese.

But the former bishop of Albany refused to use the resolution

Seven bishops who opposed same-sex marriages have backed down, agreeing to use Resolution B012 if necessary.

But Bishop William Love of the Diocese of Albany in upstate New York has always refused to use Resolution B012.

Former Bishop William Love’s departure helps to allow same-sex marriage.

Bishop William Love (Photo: Diocese of Albany, via Facebook)

Love’s resignation came at the end of 2020 when a disciplinary panel found him guilty of violating church canon law and his ordination vows.

Albany Diocese now backing down too

Although there is currently no bishop in place, and so no definite position on same-sex marriage, Albany’s Standing Committee has announced they will now follow Resolution B012 while reiterating their theological opposition for same-sex marriage.

“We seek the renewing and rebuilding of our diocesan community,” the standing committee wrote in its announcement. “We pledge ourselves to work with one another in a spirit of mutual respect in the midst of ‘theological diversity in regard to matters of human sexuality.’”

Thus, same-sex marriages will take place in the Diocese of Albany. They will then entrust the pastoral function into a pro-LGBTQ bishop under Resolution B012.

Albany’s Episcopal church to allow same-sex marriage.

See you in June 2022

The Diocese of Albany will vote on whether they will support equal marriage and LGBTQ ordination at their next convention in June 2022. It’s a safe bet it will all depend on who is elected bishop of the diocese.

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