Poll: Are Americans Ready For A Gay President?

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Is the United States ready for a gay president? That’s what a new survey tried to find out.

This Quinnipiac University poll directly refers to Pete Buttigieg, who is a gay and married man and one of the top five candidates of the Democratic party in the 2020 presidential race.

Who is in favor of a gay president?

  • 70% of respondents say they are open to electing a gay president
  • including 86% of Democrats and Independents close to democrats

are you open to election a gay president 2019 pie by lqioo

But are the United-States ready for a gay president?

  • only 36% believe so
  • 40% of whom are Democrats and Independents close to Democrats

are the united states ready for a gay president 2019 pie by lqioo

There are still too many voters who are not ready:

  • 58% of Republicans
  • 32% of Independents
  • 11% of Democrats (some said they had to wait to see if Pete could be qualified before they could decide.)

not ready for a gay presodent 2019 by lqioo

When I look at these figures, I honestly expected more opposition, not you? 58% of Republicans. I would have thought of 70%, perhaps even 76%, with the atmosphere of hatred that has developed since Trump’s election.

For the time being, Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality is still a barrier for many people. They still focus too much on this before they think about his skills.

Are Americans ready for a female president?

Beyond that, the survey also highlighted a brand new fact, a great evolution, namely that the United States are ready for a woman president!

From now on, those who are against it only represent:

  • 36% of Republicans
  • 15% of Independents
  • 8% of Democrats

ready for a female president 2019 by lqioo

What an evolution in four years!

By the way, do you want to know the next President of the United States? Or at least to have a very clear idea of the winner? I mean before everyone else?

I’ll show you something I’ve learned recently. First, let me explain the concept to you.

To be a good leader, whether in a company, in sport or politics, you have to show the future; you have to give people hope.

And if you don’t, if you stay in the present, people don’t follow you.

So you have to look at the slogans:


  • George Bush “A Proud Tradition” (present) = lost
  • Bill Clinton “It’s Time To Change America” (future) = won


  • John McCain “Country First” (present) = lost
  • Barack Obama “Change We Need” (future) = won


  • Hillary Clinton “I’m With Her” or “Stronger Together” (present) = lost
  • Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” (future) = won

It’s crazy, isn’t it? So look closely at the candidates’ slogans and ask yourself if he/she is talking about the future, it will give you an idea of who will have a chance and who won’t.

Resources: ‘Expert Secrets’ by Russell Brunson

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