Transgender News From The United-States: What You Should Know

Transgender rights in the United-States.

Transgender rights in the U.S. have been a hot topic. Let's take a look at what is happening.

Trans Sport Bans

  • Arizona Senate Committee Passes Bill Prohibiting Transgender Students From Playing Sports

The proposed trans sports ban in Arizona will prevent trans youth from participating in any school sports on a team aligning with their gender identity.

Read more about this proposed bill >>

  • Texas Transgender Sports Ban Went Into Effect

The law that prevents transgender youth from joining school sports teams that match with their gender identify has come into effect in Texas.

Read our blog to learn more about the new law and how it affects transgender youth in Texas >>

  • Transgender Children Try To Stop Missouri’s Anti-Trans Bill

I know I'm not alone when I say that we're all sick of the constant barrage of bad news in this world. Especially when it comes to legislation and politics, which are both things that can feel so far removed from our day-to-day lives. But the reality is, these laws impact us. They affect our families, friends, neighbors... and now they could even be used to take away rights from some of our youngest members of society: transgender children.

See the impact that Missouri's anti-transgender bill will have on children >>


Inclusive Policy In Schools

  • Loudoun County School Board Votes Major Inclusive Policy

The Loudoun County School Board passed a major policy in August that will go into effect for the upcoming school year, impacting all Loudoun County Public Schools.

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  • Supreme Court’s Decision On Gavin Grimm’s Case Is An Important Victory For The Transgender Community

The decision of the Supreme Court on Gavin Grimm's case is an important victory for transgender people facing discrimination based on their gender identity.

Why this decision is so important for trans rights? >>


Gender-Affirming Surgery

  • Two New Anti-LGBTQ Bills Introduced In Louisiana

Two new anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in the Louisiana legislature, with the potential to restrict transgender and LGBTQ rights in the state. The first bill would prohibit transgender kids under 18 from undergoing gender-affirming surgery. The second bill would allow businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ people if it goes against their religious beliefs. This could have a devastating impact on the LGBTQ community in Louisiana, who already face discrimination and violence.

Continue reading to learn more about the potential impact of these bills on the LGBTQ community in Louisiana >>


In the past few years, there has been major progress made in trans rights. From new legislation to court cases and everything else in between, it is clear that change is happening as even the Supreme Court is now ruling in favor of transgender people and LGBTQ rights.

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