Anti-Trans Bills Are Developing Across The United States

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In New Hampshire and Idaho, legislators defeated anti-trans laws, but this year will be extremely difficult for the trans community.

Let’s start by looking at what happened in New Hampshire, then Idaho, and then other states where the situation may worsen soon.

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In New Hampshire

The State House Education committee defeated HB 1251 by a 13-6 vote.

The bill sought to prohibit trans girls and young women from taking part in sports competitions at the primary, secondary or college level in teams based on their gender identity.

Fortunately, the moving testimony of Lane Joslin, a 15-year-old trans girl who shared her love for her sport and her concern that she could no longer play it, prompted some legislators to defeat the bill.

Nevertheless, the law is not dead yet. It will soon be brought before the full House.


In Idaho

Several anti-trans laws have been introduced in Idaho.

  • HB 500, also known as “the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”, is intended, like the New Hampshire bill, to prohibit transgender girls from playing sports on teams based on their gender identity.

The House passed the legislation by a 52-17 vote and is now to be debated in the Senate.

  • HB 465 seeks to ban medical therapies and treatments for trans children and would sentence doctors who treat them.

The positive side here is that we have seen an overwhelming amount of testimony against the bill. They even had to open three rooms.

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The Other States Are Preparing Anti-Transgender Laws

  • Arizona is also considering legislation to prohibit trans girls from playing sports with other girls. Unlike the bills in New Hampshire and Idaho, HB 2706 would also allow schools to genetically test students to “prove their sex,” and even force them to undergo internal genital examinations of their reproductive organs, as Chase Strangio of the ACLU explained.
  • South Dakota and Florida have killed anti-trans bills that were supposed to ban the medical transition for children.
  • Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Carolina, and Kentucky are preparing anti-trans laws. I don’t have the details of those bills yet.
  • Missouri is also considering a bill that would target transgender athletes.

As you can see, this is going to be a tough year for our transgender friends.

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