Thursday, 22 October 2020 02:12

“One Four Three” Is Jade Winters’ Feature Directorial Debut

Lesbian movie "One Four Three" by Jade Winters.

Genevieve (Ella McCready) has just left her fiancé Paul to pursue her love story with a woman, Rebecca (Ellouise Shakepeare-Hart). Genevieve is excited to start her new life, but she is the victim of a violent attack by an unknown assailant and suddenly finds herself in the hospital with amnesia.

With nothing to lose, Genevieve goes in search of her attacker, but also of her own story. Faced with this loss of memory, she will try to find herself as best she can.

This is the synopsis of the very first feature film directed and written by Jade Winters (pictured below) based on her best-selling novel “143”.

Best-selling lesbian novel "143" by author Jade Winters.

There is no release date for now as the movie is still in post-production. In the meantime, I let you watch the trailer below:

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