Watch "Crush," A New Lesbian Romantic Comedy

Review of the movie

Calling all rom-com enthusiasts and fans of heartwarming lesbian movies, get ready to be swept off your feet! Hulu has something special in store for you - a delightful high school romance that promises to be an absolute treat!

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Fall In Love With Hallmark’s New Romantic Comedy “Love, Classified”

Lesbian rom-com Love, Classified on Hallmark.

Get ready to fall in love! The Hallmark Channel has announced the premiere of a new romantic comedy featuring an exciting lesbian romance.

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Lesbian Short Film “Until It’s Safe” By Queer Director Samantha Lee

Watch the trailer of lesbian short movie

Queer filmmaker Samantha Lee, in collaboration with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ella Lentini, is embarking on a captivating new lesbian short film project. Delve into the intriguing story and watch the trailer below to get a sneak peek of what's in store.

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Lesbian And WLW Cartoons You Need To See!

Lesbian cartoons to watch.

There are more and more queer female characters to go around in cartoons these days. We have found the best of them, so scroll down for some diversity that will warm your heart.

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Watch The Newest Lesbian Movie “Flunk: The Sleepover”

The new lesbian feature film “Flunk: The Sleepover”.

Get ready to meet "Flunk: The Sleepover," a new and exciting addition to the Australian queer film landscape, stemming from the beloved web series "Flunk."

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Exclusive Look At The New Sapphic Movie “Girl Picture”

Review of Girl Picture by director Alli Haapasalo.

Get ready for an extraordinary cinematic experience with Alli Haapasalo's "Girl Picture" (Tytöt Tytöt Tytöt). This refreshing teenage sapphic romantic drama promises a realistic portrayal of love and friendship, featuring complex and relatable characters.

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Queer Movie “Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt)”: The Story, The Trailer, And Where To Watch It Online

Watch lesbian movie Ellie & Abbie (&Ellie's Aunt) online!

Are you looking for a movie that combines love, humor, and emotion? Then don't miss "Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)."

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Lesbian Rom-Com “Christmas At The Ranch” Is The Perfect Holiday Movie

New lesbian rom-com Christmas at The Ranch!

This holiday season, get into the festive spirit with a heartwarming lesbian romantic comedy!

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Watch The Trailer For Anne+, The Film - Now Available On VOD!

Anne+ film by director Valerie Bisscheroux keeps following Anne’s journey.

We've all been eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Anne's journey, and the wait is finally over! The trailer for the upcoming Anne+ movie has been released, and the film is set to hit theaters soon.

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Justine: A Genuine And Poignant Lesbian Movie

Lesbian movie Justine starring Tallulah Haddon and Sophie Reid.

Get ready to experience a genuine and poignant lesbian movie, set in the picturesque coastal city of Brighton, England.

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The Divide: A Lesbian Couple Gets Stuck In The Middle Of A Social Crisis

Review of The Divide (La Fracture) directed by Catherine Corsini.

Catherine Corsini is back with a new movie called “The Divide” (La Fracture). The film follows a lesbian couple, Raf and Julie, who are on the verge of breaking up. However, they find themselves in the middle of a major social crisis in France caused by the “Yellow Vests” movement. The couple must deal with the ramifications of the crisis and their own relationship. Here’s all you need to know about “The Divide.”

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“Bottoms”: High School Sex Movie By Emma Seligman And Rachel Sennott

Screenshot from the 2022 Bottoms movie showing the fight club girls and cheerleaders.

Step into the alluring universe of “Bottoms,” the bold upcoming brainchild of lesbian director Emma Seligman, already known for her remarkable work on “Shiva Baby.”

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What To Expect From New Movie “Call Jane” By Out Director Phyllis Nagy

Call Jane movie poster.

“Call Jane” is a new film about abortion by out director Phyllis Nagy, starring Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver as a lesbian, Chris Messina, Wunmi Mosaku, and Kate Mara, among others. The film received excellent reviews from early viewers, many of whom praised the actors’ performances.

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“Dos Estaciones”: A Film About The Strength Of An Unforgettable Woman

Dos Estaciones by Juan Pablo González.

In the film “Dos Estaciones,” you will discover the life of an unforgettable woman. You will see her strength and determination as she overcomes incredible obstacles at a difficult time in her life. This film is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to overcome any challenge. “Dos Estaciones” is a story that will inspire and motivate everyone who sees it.

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Introducing Newly Released Lesbian Movie “You Can Live Forever”

Anwen O'Driscoll and June Laporte on the poster for lesbian film You Can Live Forever.

Uncover the beauty of “You Can Live Forever,” a captivating love story between two girls from different religious backgrounds.

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“Blue Jean”: A Powerful And Remarkable Lesbian Movie

Blue Jean movie poster.

Dive into the gritty and oppressive realities of 1980s Britain with the provocative and powerful lesbian film “Blue Jean.”

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The Affair: A Bland Lesbian Romance Despite A Great Cast

The Affair is bland lesbian movie.

Recently released, "The Affair" is a movie featuring a lesbian storyline. However, the film may not live up to the expectations set by its synopsis.

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"Flunk: The Exchange": Story And Where To Watch This New Lesbian Movie

Watch Sabina and Esther kissing in new LGBTQ movie The Exchange.

Are you on the hunt for an exciting movie to watch? Look no further than "Flunk: The Exchange," the latest film from the creators of the popular LGBTQ+ web series "Flunk."

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“Ammonite” Has An Official Release Date And A Trailer!

Watch the trailer of lesbian movie

The trailer for the lesbian romance film "Ammonite" has arrived, bringing with it the official release dates for the United States, Germany, and France. I've eagerly anticipated sharing the first Ammonite video with you.

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The Lesbian Movie “Ammonite” Is Ready!

lesbian movie ammonite ready

Two years ago, I introduced you to a new British lesbian movie called “Ammonite” when it was only a project. It sounded like a very interesting film. Today, “Ammonite” is ready.

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