The Affair: A Bland Lesbian Romance Despite A Great Cast

The Affair is bland lesbian movie.

Recently released, "The Affair" is a movie featuring a lesbian storyline. However, the film may not live up to the expectations set by its synopsis.

Andrew Shaw, the writer, and Julius Ševčík, the director, aimed to share the touching love story of Liesel and Hana, two best friends who fall in love during the period of the Second World War in Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia). Their inspiration for the movie stems from the book The Glass Room by Simon Mawer, published in 2009.

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The Journey Of Liesel And Hana: A Tale Of Love And War

This story follows the lives of Liesel and Hana over the course of several decades. In the 1930s, we see the two heroines living in a world of extravagance and splendor. Liesel has recently married Viktor, while Hana remains independent until she ties the knot with Oskar, but we just don't know how.

As the story progresses, Hana's growing romantic feelings towards Liesel become increasingly apparent. At first, Liesel is taken aback and struggles with how to respond, but eventually develops her own feelings for Hana.

One day, the war disrupts their lives, and as women married to Jewish men, both must navigate the challenges brought on by German occupation. Liesel and her family flee the country, while Hana remains behind. As their correspondence dwindles, their once-promising romance fades.

At the end, Hana finds comfort in developing a relationship with the German soldier occupying Liesel's former home. This connection serves as a means for Hana to remain emotionally connected to her dear friend.

Watch The Official Trailer

Dive into the trailer of the film below, as it unveils a sneak peek into a universe filled with gripping drama.

Release Date & Where To Watch "The Affair"

"The Affair" has been accessible on VOD since March 5, 2021. If you're interested in checking it out, here are some links for your convenience:

  • Amazon
  • Apple TV+

Moments Of Brilliance Overshadowed: A Review Of "The Affair"

"The Affair" is a cinematic journey that intertwines historical drama with romance, set against the backdrop of occupied Czechoslovakia. While the film masterfully captures the essence of its characters and the tumultuous period, it is marred by moments of ambiguity and confusion that detract from the overall experience. Scenes such as Hana's sudden intimate act with Liesel, followed by the revelation that nothing transpired between them, leave viewers perplexed.

Further bewilderment arises when Hana's adult son makes an unheralded appearance, leading to mistaken assumptions about his role in her life. Despite these shortcomings, the movie's rich storytelling, atmospheric setting, and powerful performances by Hanna Alström and Carice van Houten keep audiences engaged. However, the central romance between Liesel and Hana disappointingly lacks emotional depth, undermining the film's potential charm.

As the plot progresses, the movie's allure begins to fade, culminating in a finale that evokes a sense of remorse and emotion unrelated to romance. Ultimately, "The Affair" offers a captivating yet flawed experience, where moments of brilliance are overshadowed by instances of confusion and unfulfilled potential.

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