Justine: A Genuine And Poignant Lesbian Movie

Lesbian movie Justine starring Tallulah Haddon and Sophie Reid.

Get ready to experience a genuine and poignant lesbian movie, set in the picturesque coastal city of Brighton, England.

Justine (Tallulah Haddon, The Living, and the Dead) is a young woman just released from prison. She’s been stealing and petty theft after theft, thinking she can’t get a job because of her criminal record. But behind her rebellious side, there is a deep sense of despair that leads Justine to self-destructive behavior.

One day, she meets Rachel (Sophie Reid, Game of Thrones as Tyrell Lady), a student with a promising future. Now the question is: Will love get Justine out of her predicament?

Here’s the trailer:

Justine is a pretty well-made movie by director Jamie Patterson. There is a very authentic feel to the painful situations. You can see how the main character is struggling as she faces her self-destructive habits and addictions to get a better life.

I also really liked the performance of the two actresses who are remarkable in their roles.

Lesbian film Justine premiered online on Curzon in the UK on March 5, 2021. More viewing opportunities to come...

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