Watch The Newest Lesbian Movie “Flunk: The Sleepover”

The new lesbian feature film “Flunk: The Sleepover”.

Get ready to meet "Flunk: The Sleepover," a new and exciting addition to the Australian queer film landscape, stemming from the beloved web series "Flunk."

What's The Plot Of “Flunk: The Sleepover”

Crafted as a short film, "Flunk: The Sleepover" unfolds primarily during a single night, spotlighting the complex relationship between Tabby and her ex-girlfriend Heidi, who made their first appearance in the second season of the popular queer web series, "Flunk."

As these two young girls reunite post-breakup, their interactions are far from harmonious. Both find themselves invited to a friend's sleepover, but the looming tension suggests a rocky night ahead for everyone involved."

Meet The Cast

Let's get to know the talented individuals who make up the cast of characters in the story.

  • Madelyn Sheahan as Heidi
  • Georgia Crisfield Smith as Tabby
  • Emily Mutimer as Astrid
  • Liv Rian as Jaz
  • Holly Monks as Saffron

Watch The Trailer

The movie trailer is a captivating and intense preview that has already generated significant buzz. Take a look:

Where To Watch Online?

"Flunk: The Sleepover" offers two viewing options. You can select either the full movie or individual episodes to enjoy at your convenience.

1. Access The Full Movie On Vimeo

You can now purchase or rent the full version of this movie on Vimeo. Remember, every dollar you spend contributes to the production of new films inspired by the Flunk series. Don't hesitate to check it out at:

2. Access The Full Movie On YouTube

If you prefer, you can also enjoy the movie divided into episodes on YouTube:

3. Do I Need To Watch Flunk's First Seasons Before?

Watching seasons 1 and 2 of the web series "Flunk" will certainly provide a deeper insight into Tabby and Heidi's relationship dynamics. However, "Flunk: The Sleepover" is such a captivating story that even viewers who haven't seen seasons 1 & 2 can fully enjoy the movie.

High-Quality Lesbian-Themed Film

I found the acting to be quite enjoyable in this movie. Both actors displayed a subtlety that avoided any overacting, and it made me feel almost uneasy, mirroring the tension between the characters. As Tabby and Heidi attempted to unravel the mysteries of their past after a prolonged separation, the raw emotions on display were palpable.

Additionally, I appreciated the movie's commitment to realism in its production. If you're a fan of the lesbian-themed film "Flunk: The Exchange," you'll be pleased to know that this spin-off movie maintains the same quality and is certainly worth a watch.

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