Sunday, 07 February 2010 17:08

Latest LGBTQ News In Arizona

LGBTQ rights in Arizona.

LGBTQ adults has been fighting for years to achieve equality and be recognized as part of the diverse fabric that makes up our society in the United-States. In this article, we will explore how they were able fight such a tough battle in Arizona but also what is currently happening on these issues now?

  •  Arizona Senate Committee Passes Bill Prohibiting Transgender Children From Playing Sports

The proposed trans sports ban in Arizona will prevent transgender youth from participating in any school sports on a team aligning with their gender identity.

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In this article, we explored what is currently happening with LGBTQ rights in Arizona and we all know the fight is not easy. Now let's see what's happening in California? With a long history of activism and support, the future is still bright for California's LGBTQ community.

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