“Something Special” By Hannah Gadsby: A Night Of Laughter & Diversity

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Discover Hannah Gadsby's "Something Special": an unforgettable evening of laughter awaits you!

Get ready to laugh uncontrollably as genderqueer comedian Hannah Gadsby returns with her third special comedy show titled "Something Special."

Hannah Gadsby's Sensational Debut

Challenging Traditional Stand-Up Comedy

Hannah Gadsby's first special, "Nanette," made a sensation in 2018 and earned Gadsby both an Emmy and a Peabody Award. This was done while simultaneously challenging the traditional codes of stand-up comedy. The show highlighted the challenges they faced as a lesbian in Australia during the controversy surrounding the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Their second opus, "Douglas," delved deeper into LGBTQ+ themes addressed in "Nanette," while also discussing topics such as the anti-vaccination movement, Gadsby's autism, and many others. 

Overcoming Odds And Creating Change

In their latest opus, "Something Special," Gadsby's collaboration with Netflix has generated quite a buzz, primarily due to their vocal disapproval of Dave Chappelle's controversial special, "The Closer," in 2021. The transphobic nature of Chappelle's content has led Gadsby to publicly express indignation towards Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos. Utilizing social media as their platform, Gadsby unabashedly called out the streaming giant, stating, "F*** you and your amoral algorithm cult."

This bold statement by Hannah Gadsby has further solidified their unwavering dedication to advocating for inclusivity and diversity within the comedy industry. It has catapulted them into the spotlight, leading to a remarkable agreement with Netflix to ensure future representation dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

As part of this exceptional multi-title deal, Gadsby will not only deliver their solo stand-up show, "Something Special," but also host a multi-comic special. This unique event will bring together comedians from diverse genres, providing audiences with a fresh and inclusive comedic experience and further emphasizing Gadsby's dedication to creating a more inclusive and diverse comedy landscape.

"In a notoriously transphobic industry, I am looking to broaden the scope of opportunities for genderqueer performers from around the globe, as well as expand the diversity of offerings to audiences on one of comedy's biggest platforms," they explained.

"If you want to change the conversation, you always have to be part of the conversation," they also told Variety.

Hannah Gadsby's "Something Special": A Unique Comedy Show

"Something Special" is a must-see for anyone looking for a feel-good comedy experience. But as Gadsby jokes, "I didn't say who it's a feel-good special for..."

In this original comedy show, Gadsby takes us on an emotional journey filled with hilarious stories and tender moments surrounding her marriage to producer Jenney Shamash.

"Something Special" is a breath of fresh air, celebrating love and union in a witty and unconventional way.

A Novelty Wedding Cake

One of the most memorable moments is the wedding cake in the shape of a great white shark. The couple is represented by two otters holding hands in the predator's mouth. This wacky idea came from the desire to provoke a Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Gadsby And Shamash's Proposal Story

Gadsby and Shamash's journey to their wedding is also discussed, including the proposal. Despite the difficulties faced by Gadsby, who underwent three knee reconstructions, she marvels at the traditional steps of the marriage process that straight people participate in.

Past Romantic Relationships

Gadsby's past romantic relationships are also filled with striking anecdotes: a girlfriend who discovered her lies, another who stubbornly refused to break up, and one who did the unthinkable to an injured rabbit on the road.

Laughter Is The Best Remedy

Through her hilarious anecdotes about improbable marriage proposals, original wedding cakes, and atypical encounters, Gadsby reminds us that laughter is the most heart-warming remedy for life's hardships. This show, blending sarcasm and humor, invites us to reflect on social conventions while laughing out loud. By shaking up codes and showing self-deprecation, Gadsby emphasizes the need for dialogue to build a more inclusive and diverse world.

"Something Special" is not only a treat for long-time Gadsby fans but also a crucial step towards promoting inclusivity and diversity in comedy.

Watch The Trailer

 The trailer below is hilarious, filled with funny scenes and sharp dialogue, announcing a delight to watch. See for yourself:

Watch "Something Special" On Netflix

Don't miss Hannah Gadsby's latest comedy special "Something Special," now available on Netflix! Take this opportunity to laugh and relax with Hannah's witty humor.
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