Get Your Laughter Fix With Comedic LGBT Web Series “Pick Up”

“Pick Up” TV series is now online!

Looking for an exciting web series to add to your watchlist? Check out "Pick Up," the lesbian series that follows Erin on her journey of self-discovery after a painful breakup.

"Pick Up" is an upcoming lesbian web series about Erin, a woman dealing with the aftermath of a painful breakup. In a whirlwind of uproarious and unpredictable events, Erin will embark on a quest to rediscover her authentic self and reunite the scattered fragments of her life. With its blend of humor, authenticity, and inspiration, "Pick Up" promises to be a relatable and empowering experience.

Introducing “Pick Up” web series

Erin and her friends Kate and Josh in Pick Up web series.

“Pick Up” follows Erin (Melissa Jiménez) after a devastating breakup. Her two best friends, Kate (Claire McFadden) and Josh (Emilio Rigales), push her to get back on her feet and into the dating world, but things don’t quite go as planned...

Pick Up creator Melissa Jimenez.

The series was created by Melissa Jimenez, who also played the lead character, and it is produced by Novia Entertainment.

Watch episode 1

Watch the first episode of “Pick Up” untitled “Sensitivity Training” below. It gives an idea about what to expect from it.

Watch “Pick Up” season 1 now

To stream the rest of season 1, head to YouTube, where you can find four more episodes:

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