Introducing New Movie "Problemista": LGBTQ+ Cast, Creativity, & More!

Problemista movie poster.

Step into the magical world of cinema where creativity defies boundaries and originality reigns supreme! 

"Problemista" is an entirely new surreal comedy that emerges from the creative universe of gay director, writer, and executive producer Julio Torres, who co-created the LGBTQ+ series "Los Espookys." Get ready to be swept away into a fantastical and offbeat realm where Torres' boundless imagination pushes all limits. With an outstanding cast of talents, including Tilda Swinton and Isabella Rossellini, as well as numerous LGBTQ+ actors, this film invites you to experience a cinematic journey that is both enchanting and inclusive.

A Creative Odyssey In "Problemista"

In "Problemista," we follow Alejandro, an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador, as he leaves his homeland to pursue his dreams in New York. However, the reality of life in the city proves to be much more complex than anticipated.

As his work visa nears expiration, Alejandro faces a pivotal choice: either give up his creative aspirations and leave the country or find an innovative solution to stay and achieve his dream. This is when an unexpected opportunity presents itself: to assist Elizabeth, an erratic art world outcast who becomes Alejandro's only hope to stay in the United States.

This tumultuous and surreal adventure transforms into a poignant exploration of perseverance, originality, and the challenges artists and immigrants confront. As Alejandro's dreams intertwine with the enigmatic reality of New York, the film offers a captivating and emotionally rich journey, capturing the struggle and determination of a creative spirit seeking success in a demanding world. 

Meet The Cast Of "Problemista"

The Multi-Talented Julio Torres

Julio Torres does more than just write and direct—he also plays Alejandro. This personal connection to the character is strengthened by the fact that Julio Torres himself was born and raised in El Salvador before moving to New York for his studies. 

A Stellar Ensemble

Tilda Swinton, Kelly McCormack, Megan Stalter.

But the cast of "Problemista" doesn't stop there; it also includes:

  • Tilda Swinton (Snowpiercer) as Elizabeth, Alejandro's demanding and eccentric boss
  • Wu-Tang Clan singer and actor RZA (American Gangster) as Bobby, a frozen patient in a cryogenics facility and Elizabeth's husband
  • Isabella Rossellini (Human Resources) as the narrative voice of "Problemista"
  • Greta Lee (Russian Doll) as Dalia, Alejandro's friend
  • Queer actor Larry Owens (Abbott Elementary) as Usher
  • Catalina Saavedra (Volver a Mí) as Dolores, Alejandro's mother
  • Transgender actor Spike Einbender (Los Espookys) as Spray
  • Gay actor James Scully (You, Fire Island) as Bingham
  • Out actress Kelly McCormack (A League Of Their Own) as Sharon
  • Bisexual actress Megan Stalter (Queer As Folk, Hacks) as Lili

Unveil "Problemista" Through The Trailer

Discover "Problemista" by watching the film's trailer accompanied by the Spanish version of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York." Narrated by Isabella Rossellini, this trailer provides a striking glimpse into the surreal logic of the film, exploring the challenges of the immigration system.

Premiere And Beyond

"Problemista" premiered on March 13, 2023, at the SXSW festival, where it received positive reviews from critics. However, its limited release, initially scheduled for August 4, 2023, has been indefinitely postponed due to ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Rest assured we will keep you informed when the official release date is announced.  

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